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Total Steelers covers Pittsburgh Steelers football — the players, the coaches, games, business and just about anything else related to the Pittsburgh Steelers and the AFC East. The Pittsburgh media ranges from bland to hilarious in their coverage of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Total Steelers doesn’t pull any punches. We are outspoken. We are entertaining. Sometimes, we are crass. But most of all, we are passionate about the Pittsburgh Steelers because we bleed Black and Gold.

Check out Total Steelers for news, analysis, commentary, video and humor for your Pittsburgh Steelers.

Our contributors

Chris is the editor of Total Steelers and one of its founders. He wrote every post for the Pittsburgh Steelers blog Nice Pick, Cowher until they told him he was too edgy. He fits in nicely around here. Chris is a third generation Yinzer, born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. A 1998 graduate of Carnegie Mellon University, he’s currently tasked by Heinz with conducting an exhaustive search for that ever elusive 58th variety. Fear not, as this won’t bias his coverage of the Steelers in any way, shape, or form. If you looked up “Chris” in the dictionary, his name would be synonymous with “integrity.” And a series of expletives. But once you get to know him, he sure is swell.

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Hennessy’s blogging career began as a long-time reader and ferocious commenter on the Site That Shall Not Be Named. Arriving in the heart of Black and Gold country by way of Las Vegas, he was raised in Mt. Washington and is a graduate of Washington and Jefferson college in Washington, PA. Nowadays he is an uprooted Irish-Yinzer surviving in Nashville amidst the country ‘twang. He is a rare breed of carpenter and accountant, but on most days you can find him rummaging amongst broken guitars and country artists in search of a Cap n’ Egg and a cold Ahrn City. His highly-opinionated musings are a product of regret for arriving on earth the same year Sid Bream first donned a Bucco jersey.

Monty doesn’t do much around here, mostly because he’s a Green Bay Packers fan. He used to live with a guy from Pittsburgh though, so that probably qualifies him for something. Despite these obvious shortcomings, Monty co-founded Total Steelers. If he liked any other team beside the Packers, he’d probably like the Steelers. He currently lives in Los Angeles, via Wisconsin, writes about sports and looks at pictures of naked women. Sometimes he also looks at real naked women.