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Cody Wallace

Steelers Fire Jack Bicknell

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Catching up on some stuff I missed last week, it was announced late Friday night that the Pittsburgh Steelers had fired offensive line coach Jack Bicknell Jr. This announcement came as a bit of a surprise to most as Bicknell has generally been credited for doing a pretty good job this season. If there was ever an example of making chicken salad out of chicken shit, what Bicknell did with our crew of journeymen and underachievers was it. I can’t fathom how much more the Steelers expected from him.

That is, if he was coaching the line at all. Our old friend Ian Rappaport, through his ever-popular “anonymous team source” – who we know is just the kid in the Steely McBeam costume feeding that nobody bogus scoops – tweeted that he heard Bicknell had been stripped of all on-field duties by the end of the year. While not a single one of the crack local beat reporters bothered to report this during the season, Jerry Dulac at the P-G did mention – shortly before Rappaport broke his “news” – that he had heard offensive line assistant Shaun Sarrett had taken over around mid-season. If that’s true, I guess we already know who the next O-line coach is.Read More »Steelers Fire Jack Bicknell

Malecki Cut, Steelers Add Veteran Lineman

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The Pittsburgh Steelers final 53 man roster was full of surprises. Jonathan Dwyer getting cut was obviously the biggest one although the fact they kept two of the worst backup offensive lineman I’ve ever seen was another. I mentioned in that post that Steelers GM Kevin Colbert was probably scouring the waive wire looking for any veteran who could be an upgrade over the guys they were forced to keep. Granted, a nice orange traffic cone would be an improvement over the current second stringers.

Lets hope Cody Wallace is better than a traffic cone.Read More »Malecki Cut, Steelers Add Veteran Lineman