Max Starks Has Come To Save The Day

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Oct 052011

That’s not a gun in Ben’s pocket. He really is happy to see you.

The [intlink id=”23″ type=”category”]Pittsburgh Steelers[/intlink] re-signed former starting left tackle and Franchise player [intlink id=”85″ type=”category”]Max Starks[/intlink]. Max was released during the off-season after suffering a season-ending neck injury late last year. According to several sources, Starks’ release was not unexpected when he showed up at Ben Roethlisberger’s sham wedding weighing a reported 400 pounds. Since an offer from the WWE to be the new King Kong Bundy didn’t materialize, Max has been hard at work shedding some of those excess pounds and getting back into game shape.

Starks recently worked out for the Vikings which signaled he was in much better physical condition. Barring Kevin Colbert and company’s pigheadedness in admitting their roster needs help, I expected Max to get a call sooner or later. Too bad it took Big Ben getting beat like he stole something to make it happen. Backup tackle Chris Scott was released to make room further indicating they feel Starks is ready to go.

Let’s hope so. Trai Essex was a complete and utter disaster at left tackle while Jonathan scott was only slightly less awful before getting injured. Rookie Marcus Gilbert played left tackle at Florida so perhaps the Steelers will move him over to his natural position and ease Starks back into the line-up at the less demanding right tackle spot. It worked out well for them last season with former Pro Bowl left tackle Flozell Adams, whose age and declining skills were a liability on the left but were more than adequate on the right. At this point, can they be any worse?

Big Ben Isn’t Dead (Yet)

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Oct 042011

The good news:  [intlink id=”14″ type=”category”]Ben Roethlisberger[/intlink]’s foot isn’t broken.

The bad news:  If he continues playing behind the [intlink id=”166″ type=”category”]Pittsburgh Steelers[/intlink] offensive line, it soon will be. Along with his arms, legs, back and neck.

The Post-Gazette is reporting the MRI on Big Ben’s foot revealed no broken bones. The ultra-secretive Steelers aren’t revealing the exact nature of the damage, though. ESPN’s Chris Mortenson is saying it’s a sprain which really doesn’t tell us much. A Grade I sprain is fairly minor. Ben mummified his foot and played with such a sprain for most of last season. However, a misleadingly named Grade III sprain is actually torn ligaments which could sideline Ben for several weeks.

Ben has said he will do whatever he can to play on Sunday. I hope his sham wife is smart enough to hide all sharp objects and lock the medicine cabinet at the Roethlisberger estate. This man clearly has a deathwish.

A fully healthy Ben has been running for his life all season and he’s still taken a beating. Last Sunday was the most vicious pounding I’ve seen since that one Sasha Grey movie. I don’t even want to contemplate what kind of abuse a hobbled Ben would endure. The Titans are mediocre this year, exactly the kind of team [intlink id=”99″ type=”category”]Charlie Batch[/intlink] is still capable of beating. I would rather Ben sit  out a week or two until his mobility is at least partially restored rather than heroically take the field and possibly suffer a season-ending injury by acting as a sitting duck.

I’d also encourage Ben to sit out in silent protest. I know it’s not his style to whine and complain like Tom Brady or Michael Vick but I have no such morals. [intlink id=”23″ type=”category”]Kevin Colbert[/intlink] should be brought up on charges for what he’s allowed to happen. It is absolutely criminal that the Steelers are blessed with a top five NFL quarterback and they just throw him to the wolves behind a patchwork offensive line. Why would you bring in an offensive coordinator who runs a Flying Circus, assemble a fine young receiving corps  and invest $100 million in a franchise quarterback to run the whole shebang, then wreck it all by cutting corners along the [intlink id=”85″ type=”category”]offensive line[/intlink]?

It’s like buying a Porsche then pulling out the engine and replacing it with one from a Volvo.

Willie Colon: Down And Out

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Sep 132011

That was $29 million well spent…

[intlink id=”23″ type=”category”]Pittsburgh Steelers[/intlink] right tackle [intlink id=”85″ type=”category”]Willie Colon[/intlink] was evidently injured some time during the season opening debacle against Baltimore.  You’ll have to forgive me for failing to mention this in my game recap as the difference between a healthy Colon and an injured one is barely noticeable.  This is a bizarre situation as [intlink id=”45″ type=”category”]Mike Tomlin[/intlink], in his post-game press conference, did not list Colon as being among the wounded. News of the injury only emerged late Monday evening, when the Steelers’ crack medical staff discovered what is reportedly a torn triceps.

If Colon did indeed suffer a torn triceps, his 2011 season is over.  Man, it sure was great the Steelers made like Pacman at a strip club and rained millions of dollars down upon him the second free agency began.  Not only was re-signing Colon, who missed all of last season after tearing his Achilles in OTAs, their top priority, it led to a domino effect where the entire line was revamped in an effort to accommodate his ridiculously undeserved contract.  Max Starks and Flozell Adams, who formed the finest bookend tandem this team has had in years, were released because the Steelers inexplicably felt Colon was better than either of them.
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Flozell The Hotel Now Vacant

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Jul 292011

Another day, another move along the offensive line.

The Pittsburgh Steelers released veteran Flozell Adams after he refused to renegotiate his contract.  He signed a two year deal last year which was to pay him approximately $5 million for the upcoming campaign.  The Steelers, already feeling a salary cap crunch, wanted him back at a lower number.  This move leaves an already questionable offensive line dangerously thin at almost every position.
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Big Ben Is Gonna Die

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Jul 282011

Post-lockout madness has struck the Pittsburgh Steelers with the majority of the action centering around the team’s much-maligned offensive line.

The Steelers entered the day approximately $10 million over the salary cap.  To get within range, they released Antwaan Randle-El and Max Starks.   ARE is no surprise what with the emergence of rookies Antonio Brown and Emmanuel Sanders.  Starks, however, has been the team’s starting left tackle and Franchise player over the past couple seasons.  He did suffer a herniated disc in his neck necessitating season-ending surgery last year so perhaps he has not sufficiently recovered.  Or maybe the Steelers feel they can re-sign him at a lower price with the injury discouraging other teams from showing interest.
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