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Steelers Sign Big Ben (Finally)

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Better late than never.

I’ve seen some grumbling over the Pittsburgh Steelers utter inaction during the initial days of NFL free agency. The team certainly has a lot of holes and only so many chances to fill them. After yesterday’s announcement, however, it will be hard for me to judge this off-season too harshly. The Black and Gold signed their best player, their cornerstone, to a long term deal on Friday which makes it an automatic win.

Ben Roethlisberger is going to stay in Pittsburgh for what should be the remainder of his career after signing a brand new five year deal.Read More »Steelers Sign Big Ben (Finally)

Steelers Add Official Band Geeks

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A sea of Terrible Towels. Obnoxiously long lines at the gates as security personnel search each bag like they’re afraid Bane might show with a nuclear bomb – Something the NFL has mercifully attempted to fix with their Draconian new purse policy. A chorus of fans chanting “Heeeeath” after pretty much any tight end makes a catch. “Renegade” playing on the scoreboard.

All things which contribute to the experience of attending a Pittsburgh Steelers game at Heinz Field. On the flip side, there are just as many things one doesn’t expect to encounter. Empty seats. Cheerleaders.

Well, starting this Sunday when the Steelers kick off the 2013 season by welcoming the Tennessee Titans to the Big Ketchup Bottle, there will be a new aspect to the game day experience: Band Geeks.Read More »Steelers Add Official Band Geeks

Bill Cowher In Mascara And Bondage

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Remember when we thought the image of Bill Cowher – giant fake choppers gleaming, sweat flying off his toupee – maniacally cranking away at the storm siren during the playoff series between the Carolina Hurricanes and Pittsburgh Penguins was possibly the most disturbing thing a Steeler fan would ever see?

Think again.

About a month ago, Cowher was involved in a car accident in New York City. Thankfully nobody was hurt and it was such a non-news story, I never even bothered to mention it. The only notable aspect to the story was the addendum that Cowher had a passenger – a female passenger – with him when the crash occurred.

The Chin has a girlfriend….the Chin has a girlfriend…Read More »Bill Cowher In Mascara And Bondage