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Running Backs

Division Playoff Recap: The One That Got Away

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When it comes to crushing losses, there are different kinds of disappointment. There are games where your team is clearly overmatched yet fight valiantly, maybe even offer a few glimmers of hope before ultimately falling to the superior team. And then there are the games where they play well enough to win but make just enough mistakes to leave the door open a crack and the other team eventually takes advantage to pull out a win. That one is by far the worst.

It also best describes the Pittsburgh Steelers season ending 23-16 loss to the Denver Broncos in the Divisional Round of the NFL Playoffs.Read More »Division Playoff Recap: The One That Got Away

Wild Card Recap: Steelers Win Bloodbath

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The Pittsburgh Steelers defeated the Cincinnati Bengals 18-16 in an absolute bloodbath on Wild Card weekend. What for three quarters was a dull and frankly pretty forgettable playoff game will be remembered for a long time because of what happened in the fourth quarter. In the meantime, the Steelers-Bengals rivalry looks to have eclipsed Steelers-Ravens when it comes to straight out hatred.Read More »Wild Card Recap: Steelers Win Bloodbath

Bell Tears MCL – Placed on IR

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It’s official. If the Black and Gold do anything this season, they’re gonna have to do it without one third of the Killer Bs.

Pittsburgh Steelers superstar running back Le’Veon Bell has a torn MCL and has been placed on IR, ending his 2015 season. Chalk another one up for the “NFL Insiders.” When Bell was carted off the field, word was the Steelers were optimistic there was no damage to his ACL. I have no idea how a knee works but amazingly he didn’t damage the ACL at all, which would’ve been awesome if he didn’t shred his MCL.Read More »Bell Tears MCL – Placed on IR

Know Thy Wild Card Enemy: Baltimore Ravens

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The Baltimore Ravens.

Of course it had to be the Baltimore Ravens.

After a two season absence from the NFL Playoffs, the Pittsburgh Steelers return this Saturday night when they host the Ratbirds at Heinz Field. If you’re going to return to post-season, why not make it another chapter in what is undoubtedly one of the best rivalries in football. This will be the fourth time since 2000 that the Black and Gold have faced the Ravens three times in the same season. The first time, they were quarterbacked by Kordell Stewart in his last grasp at greatness, the last two they were led by Ben Roethlisberger on his way to a Super Bowl appearance.Read More »Know Thy Wild Card Enemy: Baltimore Ravens

Le’Veon Bell Watch: Day 2

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Following Sunday’s thumping of the Cincinnati Bengals, Steeler Nation should be basking in the fact their team won the AFC North title and will host their first playoff game at Heinz Field since 2010. Unfortunately, everything the Pittsburgh Steelers have accomplished this season has taken a back seat to the status of superstar running back Le’Veon Bell. Bell left the game in the third quarter after his knee bent in a way only circus performers and some really talented porn stars are able to bend with many fearing his season may well be over.

The Steelers have been typically tight-lipped over his status, telling the area beat reporters nothing of note. No surprise there from a team that treats every scrap of news like a highly guarded state secret. It is pretty funny how the Black and Gold control the local hacks in much the same way North Korea controls their media puppets. I half expect one of them to write a story about how Mike Tomlin has never farted – excuse me, created a “flatulent disruption” – in his life.    Read More »Le’Veon Bell Watch: Day 2

Will Bell’s Wheels Fall Off?

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Le’Veon Bell is having a breakout season. After a solid if unspectacular rookie campaign, Bell has quickly emerged as one of the most dangerous offensive weapons in the NFL. The Pittsburgh Steelers know this and have adjusted their offense accordingly. However, the question we need to ask is how hot can Bell’s engine run before he blows a gasket?

When Mike Tomlin was hired as head coach in 2007, he was asked what kind of offense he intended to run. In their never-ending desire to get back to “Stiller Football,” Coach T responded that he intended to feed running back Willie Parker “until the wheels fell off.” In the second to last game of the season against the Rams, the wheels did indeed come off for Parker when he suffered a broken leg. The Super Bowl hero would come back to play for two more mediocre seasons but never recaptured his former glory after the injury robbed Fast Willie of his top end speed.Read More »Will Bell’s Wheels Fall Off?

See Ya LeGarrette Blount

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The Cheech & Chong backfield has gone up in smoke.

Thank you. I’ll be here all week. Try the veal.

The Pittsburgh Steelers have parted ways with running back LeGarrette Blount a little over half a season after signing him to a $3.5 million free agent contract. It was evidently a case of three strikes you’re out for the chronically troubled Blount. He was busted for pot possession shortly after being signed. During training camp he got into a nasty altercation with linebackers coach Joey Porter. Then there was Monday night in Tennessee. Read More »See Ya LeGarrette Blount

Steelers Draft Tuitt and Archer in Rounds 2 & 3

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Somewhere the spirit of Al Davis is clapping his hands and laughing.

For years and years the running joke in the NFL draft was if a player was fast, the Raiders would inevitably take him. With Darth Al’s passing, Oakland has taken a much more sensible approach to picking players. Of all the teams to step in and take over their obsession with speed, who expected it to be the Pittsburgh Steelers?

In my Steelers Draft preview, I didn’t mock out specific players but I did identify bolstering the defensive line and a Chris Rainey-type running back as areas of interest. I just didn’t expect them to go out and fill those needs in rounds two and three. Your second and third rounders are premium picks today’s NFL. I’m not too sure about the wisdom behind using one of those picks on a third string running back.Read More »Steelers Draft Tuitt and Archer in Rounds 2 & 3

Know Thy Enemy: Minnesota Vikings

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There’s a sight rarer than Todd Haley’s El Camino Comet, the Blood Moon, and a solar eclipse all rolled into one. Yes, the Cleveland Browns can say they are ahead of the Pittsburgh Steelers in the standings. In a bit of scheduled irony, the Browns’ victim last Sunday is this week’s opponent for the Black and Gold. Let’s hope for a similar result because I really don’t think I could live with losing to a team that lost to Cleveland.

The Minnesota Vikings are not a particularly good team. Then again, neither are the Steelers since we’re both 0-3. Complicating matters is the game will be played at Wembley Stadium in London, England. Minny has been overseas since Tuesday while Mike Tomlin and crew decided to hop a red-eye last night in order to arrive in London on Friday morning (their time). Hopefully, this is one strategy which pays off.Read More »Know Thy Enemy: Minnesota Vikings

Le’Veon Bell To Play On Sunday?

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By the time you read this, Mike Tomlin‘s weekly press conference will have finished. I wonder which word Coach T pulled off his Word-A-Day Calendar and decided to hilariously misuse this week? Fear not, as I will have my weekly recap/snarky analysis of his inane comments tomorrow morning. In the meantime, however, there is one bit of  Pittsburgh Steelers news we don’t have to wait for his confirmation on.

Rookie running back Le’Veon Bell returned to practice last week and Fox’s Jay Glazer, one of the few NFL “Insiders” with actual inside knowledge, is reporting Bell is expected to suit up this Sunday when the Black and Gold take on the Minnesota Vikings in London.Read More »Le’Veon Bell To Play On Sunday?