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The Bus Stops At The Hall of Fame

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The state of Ohio may belong to the Browns and Bengals but the city of Canton certainly belongs to Steeler Nation.

If you’ve never been to the Pro Football Hall of Fame, it’s something that belongs on any sports fans’ Bucket List. It may not hold the almost mythic reverence associated with Cooperstown but as someone who enjoys frequenting museums of all types, it’s an experience second to none. Of course, the highlight is the collection of busts representing each inductee. Doesn’t hurt that you can’t take three steps in that room without coming across a member of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Most of the Steelers in the Hall come from the Steel Dynasty of the 1970s. There have been a few more members of the Black and Gold enshrined since then but generally speaking we have yet to get to the guys responsible for our most recent run of glory. Until now, that is. And how fitting that the first man inducted from this era is Jerome Bettis.Read More »The Bus Stops At The Hall of Fame

Jerome Bettis – Hall of Famer (Plus Super Bowl XLIX)

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So anybody watch that little football game last night?

The Pittsburgh Steelers last second victory in Super Bowl XLIII has officially been unseated for the title of craziest ending ever thanks to the insane final minutes of Super Bowl XLIX. Beginning with Tom Brady‘s touchdown pass to put the New England Patriots ahead 28-24 with a little over two minutes left, the final sequence of events will live in Super Bowl folklore for decades to come. The Seattle Seahawks received a miracle via a crazy juggling catch that set them up at the goal line only to go and flush it all away with the WORST CALL IN NFL HISTORY. I’m not football genius but when you’re at the one foot line and your running back is nicknamed “Beast Mode,” I think it’d be prudent to GIVE HIM THE DAMN BALL. Read More »Jerome Bettis – Hall of Famer (Plus Super Bowl XLIX)

Bettis Not Elected To HOF (And Other Super Bowl Thoughts)

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Namath Fur coat

The 2013 NFL season officially came to an end last night with the Seattle Seahawks epic 43-8 ass-whuppin’ of the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XLVIII. In many ways, last night was something of a blast from the past. From Joe Namath big pimpin’ the coin toss in his classic fur coat look to Bruno Mars and his shitty Motown ripoff gimmick to the utter one-sidedness of the final score, yesterday’s Super Bowl was decidedly retro. And that’s not even counting the night’s best commercial which featured Alf, Jason Voorhees, and Hulk Hogan.

When I started watching football in the mid-80s, the Super Bowl pretty much followed the same pattern as we saw last night. The AFC would feature an offensive powerhouse who would go against a tough, defensive-minded NFC team and end up getting crushed. You youngsters out there have been spoiled as the last decade or so worth of Super Bowls have truly lived up to the hype. When I was a kid, it was usually a four hour one-sided beating.Read More »Bettis Not Elected To HOF (And Other Super Bowl Thoughts)

Jerome Bettis Finalist (Again) For Hall Of Fame

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NFL: AUG 14 Steelers v Bills

Welcome to Jerome Bettis week here on TotesStillers!

On Tuesday, I mentioned the Bus’s near fatal mistake against the Indianapolis Colts. Thankfully, our last image of Bettis wasn’t him sitting glumly on the sideline after a brainfart of epic proportions but rather him hoisting the Lombardi Trophy aloft after the Pittsburgh Steelers won the Super Bowl in his hometown of Detroit, Michigan. It was a storybook ending for a fantastic career. With his playing days behind him, there is now only one more honor for Bettis to attain.

Will this be the year Jerome Bettis is elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame?Read More »Jerome Bettis Finalist (Again) For Hall Of Fame