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Zoltan Mesko

Steelers Mess With The Zoltan

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Zoltan Mesko, we hardly knew ya.

Hours after head coach Mike Tomlin‘s press conference, the Pittsburgh Steelers announced they cut their erstwhile punter in favor of somebody named Mat McBriar. I wish I could write a long detailed summary of McBriar but I’ve honestly never heard of him. He spells his name with only one T, though, which saves me a keystroke so he’s already on my good side. All I gleaned from the short article on the P-G is he’s Australian, which probably means he played rugby and isn’t afraid to make a tackle.Read More »Steelers Mess With The Zoltan

Mike Tomlin Press Conference: On The Screws

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Welcome to this week’s recap of Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin‘s Tuesday press conference. Before we dig into our bag of goodies like a sugar-addicted kid on Halloween night, I’d like to take a moment to mention that this week I have some company in detailing Tomlin’s ineptness.

The Grantland website features a weekly column by Bill Barnwell entitled, “Thank You For Not Coaching.” which highlights the best and (mostly) the worst of the past weekend’s coaching moves. Not only does the column detail how dumb Tomlin is at making challenges, Coach T also pulls off a rare Daily Double with two of the three Worst Calls Of the Week being his.

Now that we have the plugs out of the way, on with this week’s press conference:Read More »Mike Tomlin Press Conference: On The Screws

Steelers sign Zoltan, Steal Pirates’ Thunder

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The Pittsburgh Pirates are the talk of the baseball world. Their rise from hapless laughingstocks to legitimate playoff contenders is something Pittsburgh sports fans have been waiting for for twenty years. Some attribute their success to a mixture of blossoming draft picks and shrewd trades. However, smart fans know the Bucs owe their success to one man in particular:


With the Pittsburgh Steelers suddenly the second most talked about sports team in the ‘Burgh, drastic steps needed to be taken. On the eve of what most experts expect to be another average season, the Black and Gold needed some of the Bucs’ mojo. So they did the only thing they could do. They signed Zoltan.Read More »Steelers sign Zoltan, Steal Pirates’ Thunder