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Steelers Worth $1.9 Billion

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Ike Taylor and Dan Rooney Swaggin

Wanna buy a football team? Got $1.9 billion laying around? That’s what it’ll set you back to own the Pittsburgh Steelers. And the crazy thing is, that’s for a middle of the pack team according to Forbes Magazine.

Forbes released their annual valuation of NFL franchises and your Steelers came in 13th of the league’s 32 teams in terms of valuation. Dallas, New England and the Racial Slurs were the top three for those wondering. I can see Dallas and Washington because of their fanbases and (in Dallas’s case) their stadium deals but New England? I don’t get that at all. In the 90s, there was an actual fear the Pats were gonna move to St. Louis because half their home games didn’t even meet the league’s idiotic blackout rules. Granted that was in their old stadium but it’s not like football is a sport ingrained in the culture.Read More »Steelers Worth $1.9 Billion

Does Ben Roethlisberger Want Traded?

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On the NFL’s Sunday morning pre-game show, so-called “insider” Ian Rapoport reported on the above posted tweet. Who is Ian Rapoport? I have no idea. He’s certainly never broken any notable scoops like ESPN or Fox NFL “insiders.” Whoever he is, he certainly did his job by “breaking” a story that even got ongoing updates from the crew covering the Bills-Steelers game.

Before we go into the analysis and denials, we should start with Rapoport’s tweet. He’d later whine he was being misquoted or that the Pittsburgh Steelers were denying things he never said. Rapoport’s scoop actually is two scoops in one. First, he alleges Ben Roethlisberger is going to ask to be traded this off-season. Secondly, he alleges the Steelers already contemplated parting ways with Ben by soliciting trade offers last spring.Read More »Does Ben Roethlisberger Want Traded?

Mila Kunis Photobombs Dan Rooney

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Mila Kunis Dan Rooney

Tuning into local sports talk the day after the Pittsburgh Steelers dropped to 0-3 for the first time in 27 years, I expected to hear plenty of complaints. Ben Roethlisberger making like Santa and gift-wrapping touchdowns to our opponents. The running game failing to produce a 100 yard rusher for the 85th straight week. A defense which hasn’t forced a turnover since Dick LeBeau‘s hair was chestnut brown.

And what was one of the burning topics on the minds of yinzers?

Mila Kunis allegedly photobombing Dan Rooney. Read More »Mila Kunis Photobombs Dan Rooney