Division Playoff Recap: The One That Got Away

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Jan 182016


When it comes to crushing losses, there are different kinds of disappointment. There are games where your team is clearly overmatched yet fight valiantly, maybe even offer a few glimmers of hope before ultimately falling to the superior team. And then there are the games where they play well enough to win but make just enough mistakes to leave the door open a crack and the other team eventually takes advantage to pull out a win. That one is by far the worst.

It also best describes the Pittsburgh Steelers season ending 23-16 loss to the Denver Broncos in the Divisional Round of the NFL Playoffs. Continue reading »

Big Ben Has Torn Ligaments, Brown Is “Hopeful”

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Jan 132016


When Ben Roethlisberger returned to lead the Pittsburgh Steelers to a game winning drive against the Cincinnati Bengals, it was thought he had some sort of sprain to his throwing shoulder but no significant damage. Well, on his weekly radio show, Ben now says he did indeed tear some ligaments in addition to spraining his AC joint (basically your shoulder socket). While that sounds dire, he claims to be fine reaching back to throw with all the pain coming during the follow-through. Where that leaves him for Sunday’s Divisional Round game against the Denver Broncos is anyone’s guess. Continue reading »

Wild Card Recap: Steelers Win Bloodbath

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Jan 102016


The Pittsburgh Steelers defeated the Cincinnati Bengals 18-16 in an absolute bloodbath on Wild Card weekend. What for three quarters was a dull and frankly pretty forgettable playoff game will be remembered for a long time because of what happened in the fourth quarter. In the meantime, the Steelers-Bengals rivalry looks to have eclipsed Steelers-Ravens when it comes to straight out hatred. Continue reading »

Ben Says Bryant Needs To Man Up

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Jan 072016


If the Pittsburgh Steelers are going to do anything in the NFL Playoffs, it’ll be up to their offense. Defensively, they’re average at best. What makes them a threat is an explosive offense that can literally put up points at the drop of a hat. At least, it could until about three weeks ago.

The Steelers faced some of the best defenses in the league this year. They put up 30+ points against the Seahawks, Bengals, and Broncos. The past two weeks they’ve faced two of the worst defenses in football and could only manage 20 and 28 respectively. And the 28 should come with an asterisk because it was aided by a pair of fumble recoveries that set the offense up deep inside the red zone. Continue reading »

Week 17 Recap: In Through The Out Door

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Jan 042016


Thank you, Rex.

A week after Bill Belichick all but waved the white flag, Rex Ryan brought his new team to play, in the process knocking his old team out of the playoffs. The Bills upsetting the Jets left the post-season door wide open. Literally minutes later, the Pittsburgh Steelers defeated the Cleveland Browns 28-12 to backdoor into the NFL Playoffs. As with everything involving the Black and Gold, it wasn’t easy. Continue reading »

Week 16 Recap: Steelers Leave Coal In Our Stockings

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Dec 282015


I hope everybody got what they wanted for Christmas because yesterday the Steelers left coal in all our stockings. In the latest in a long string of embarrassing losses to bad teams, the Baltimore Ravens upset the Pittsburgh Steelers 20-17, placing their playoff hopes in serious jeopardy. In a year where we started our third string quarterback and played some of the best teams in the league, naturally they save their worst game of the season for right when everything is coming together. The standard is the standard, right? Continue reading »

Week 15 Recap: The Force Awakens

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Dec 212015


Don’t worry, I’m not going to spoil Star Wars for the two people out there who still haven’t seen it.

Yesterday’s match-up was seen as the irresistible force meeting the immoveable object. The Black and Gold’s best in the league offense being the force while Denver’s top ranked defense being the object. At halftime, it appeared the immoveable wouldn’t be budged. Then the force awakened in time to see the Pittsburgh Steelers rally for a thrilling comeback victory over the Denver Broncos 34-27. Continue reading »

Big Ben Forgives, Steeler Nation Won’t Forget

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Dec 162015

Sunday’s game between the Cincinnati Bengals and Pittsburgh Steelers was one of the most heated games in recent memory. I mentioned in my game recap the level of hatred between the two teams seemed to approach almost Ravens-Steelers levels. Every time you turned around, there was pushing and shoving. Guys weren’t trying to tackle so much as lay a whuppin’ on their opponent.

One particular moment is coming under intense scrutiny. On his weekly radio segment, Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger believes Cincinnati Bengals linebacker Vontaze Burfict tried to hurt him by diving at his knees from behind after he threw a pass. The Steelers took exception to the play when it happened with Burfict claiming he was “pushed into” the QB. After viewing the footage above, Ben now says he doesn’t buy the excuse and thinks “he definitely was diving low and going for my legs.” Continue reading »

Week 13 Recap: Clowning Around

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Dec 072015

Brown clowning

It’s all fun and games until somebody gets hurt. I guess nobody ever told Antonio Brown that.

AB’s ridiculous post humping attempt was the only black mark on an otherwise sterling effort from the Black and Gold last night. For those who went to bed early, the Pittsburgh Steelers obliterated the Indianapolis Colts 45-10 on Sunday Night Football. The game was close for about a quarter and a half, then the Steelers kicked it into gear and it turned into a straight up clowning. Continue reading »

Know Thy Enemy: Indianapolis Colts

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Dec 042015


There’s nothing the NFL likes more than a good storyline. Oftentimes those stories are forced narratives, exaggerated by the networks to give a game a “hook” for the casual fan. As if Fantasy Football and/or degenerate gambling isn’t hook enough. However, when the Pittsburgh Steelers face the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday Night Football, the story really does write itself.

Ten years ago, the Steelers met the Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl XL. The Black and Gold were led by a second year starter named Ben Roethlisberger. Seattle was quarterbacked by former back-up Matt Hasselbeck. The Steelers of course went on to win that game, then another Lombardi Trophy a few years later as Ben grew from a game manager to one of the best quarterbacks in football. Hasselbeck played nine more years for Seattle, leading them to several playoff appearances before taking on the life of a journeyman back-up the past five seasons. Continue reading »