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Roster Moves

Steelers Release Cortez Allen

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Nice knowing ya, ‘Tez.

In a move that is both surprising yet totally expected, the Pittsburgh Steelers released cornerback Cortez Allen. Just two years ago the Steelers signed him to a five year $26 million contract extension but after playing exactly one game in 2015, they’ve seen enough. While the move wipes out $13 million in future obligations, bonus money means he’ll continue counting against the cap for years to come. This is the second disastrous extension in recent history with LaMarr Woodley finally coming off the books after accounting for $8.5 million in dead cap space last season.Read More »Steelers Release Cortez Allen

Steelers Keep Gay and Foster, Upgrade Tight End

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That escalated quickly…

The first day of the 2016 NFL season came with an unprecedented frenzy of free agent activity. Surprisingly enough, the Pittsburgh Steelers even got in on some of the action. They didn’t make a splashy move involving a headline name but as we saw last season with DeAngelo Williams, sometimes it’s the smaller under the radar moves that provide the biggest dividends. Also seems like their salary cap situation is a tad better than we expected.Read More »Steelers Keep Gay and Foster, Upgrade Tight End

Looking Ahead To Another Steelers Off-Season

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Later today, Peyton Manning is expected to announce his retirement. The 2016 NFL season has certainly started with a bang. The league year actually officially begins Wednesday with the beginning of the annual free-for-all known as free agency. As usual, the Pittsburgh Steelers are poised to have another uneventful off-season.

You’ll see articles on other websites dreaming up a list of potential free agents the Steelers have approximately zero chance of going after. With very rare exceptions, “winning the off-season” through splashy signings isn’t the Steeler Way. They’ll do what they usually do and look at fringe players while waiting to pick through the leftovers sometime in July or August.Read More »Looking Ahead To Another Steelers Off-Season

Dri Archer Needs Better Blackmail

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Tomlin Sideline Jones Jumps BackBaltimore

When the Oakland Raiders kicked off last Sunday, a strange and unfamiliar sight stood back at the goal line for the Pittsburgh Steelers. It wasn’t Dri Archer. No, he wasn’t benched for abject failure. Dri Archer was actually released last week to make room for the new kick returner, Jacoby Jones.

Guess whatever incriminating photos he had of Mike Tomlin and/or Kevin Colbert have finally been destroyed.Read More »Dri Archer Needs Better Blackmail

Your 2015 Pittsburgh Steelers

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With the 2015 season kicking off in less than three days, there was no rest for the Pittsburgh Steelers on Labor Day. They made a flurry of roster moves to finalize their 53 man in advance of Thursday’s expected massacre at the hands of the New England Patriots. The most notable of which was placing center Maurkice Pouncey on short term IR meaning he can be activated after week 9 and leaving open the possibility of him returning to the field this year. In the meantime, old friend Doug Legursky was signed as back-up depth at guard/center while Cody Wallace takes over at center.

I apologize for my dire outlook on the upcoming Patriots game but the Steelers had one of the worst defenses in the league last year and apparently have done little to improve it. It’s hard to be optimistic when you’re facing a defending Super Bowl champion who’s gonna come out with a deflated chip on their shoulders.Read More »Your 2015 Pittsburgh Steelers

Steelers Preparing For Free Agency

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Been awhile, huh?

With roughly an hour to go before the official start of the 2015 NFL free agency period, I figured it was about time to check in with an update on our Pittsburgh Steelers. To say our team has some work to do would be an understatement. The offense was incredible last season while the defense, well, the defense needs nearly a complete overhaul. With brand new defensive coordinator Keith Butler set to take the reins this upcoming season, it would behoove the team to give the man some actual talent to work with.

Not surprisingly, the first major moves of the off-season revolve around the D. Veteran Brett Keisel was released yesterday, all but ensuring an end to his career in Black and Gold. While Da Beard was a solid contributor last year, he was once again lost to a season ending injury as his age make counting on him for a full season impossible. Keisel wants to continue playing and I’m sure he’ll find a home either with Pittsburgh West (Arizona) or Pittsburgh South (Tennessee) as we finally move on to rebuilding the defensive line. Read More »Steelers Preparing For Free Agency

See Ya LeGarrette Blount

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The Cheech & Chong backfield has gone up in smoke.

Thank you. I’ll be here all week. Try the veal.

The Pittsburgh Steelers have parted ways with running back LeGarrette Blount a little over half a season after signing him to a $3.5 million free agent contract. It was evidently a case of three strikes you’re out for the chronically troubled Blount. He was busted for pot possession shortly after being signed. During training camp he got into a nasty altercation with linebackers coach Joey Porter. Then there was Monday night in Tennessee. Read More »See Ya LeGarrette Blount

Your 2014 Pittsburgh Steelers

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Landry Jones

Happy Labor Day everybody!

With the start of the 2014 regular season right around the corner, it’s slightly ironic the NFL chose this weekend to put a bunch of dudes out of work. Yesterday was cut down day when every team had to set their final 53 man roster. So without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, your 2014 Pittsburgh Steelers.Read More »Your 2014 Pittsburgh Steelers

Eric Decker’s Replacement: Former Steeler Emmanuel Sanders

Emmanuel Sanders

On Saturday night, free agent wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders inked a three-year, $15 million deal with the Denver Broncos. The Broncos just recently lost Eric Decker, arguably one of the best wide receivers in the NFL, to the New York Jets. Sanders, now a former Steeler, appears to be his replacement. Yes, the Broncos have Wes Welker and Demaryius Thomas, but the Broncos took a huge step back as far as depth at wideout.

Read More »Eric Decker’s Replacement: Former Steeler Emmanuel Sanders

Steelers Sign Nose Tackle, Sanders Joins Broncos

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Cam Thomas

The Pittsburgh Steelers signed their second big free agent, coming to terms on a two year deal with former San Diego Chargers nose tackle Cam Thomas. And when I say “big,” I mean that literally in the case of the 6’3 330 pound man affectionately nicknamed Baby ‘Zilla. The acquisition of Thomas gives some clue as to how the Steelers are planning to rebuild a defensive line that performed quite terribly last season. It’s hard to imagine these moves leading to a run D worse than the one that got gashed with alarming ease last year.

Thomas was a fourth round pick out of North Carolina back in 2010. He started ten games last season for San Diego before losing his job over what is rumored to be the coaches’ dissatisfaction with his effort level. From what I’ve read on Chargers blogs, Thomas was frustrating to watch because in some games he looked like a world beater while in others he barely bothered to show up. If the Steelers can properly motivate him – and while Mike Tomlin is about as inspiring as a shrieking parakeet, Dick LeBeau has traditionally inspired fierce loyalty in his men – they could kill two birds with one stone, so to speak.Read More »Steelers Sign Nose Tackle, Sanders Joins Broncos