Jason Worilds Retires

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Mar 112015

Jason Worilds

So, who saw this one coming?

Last night, Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Jason Worilds announced his retirement from the NFL. When the season ended against Baltimore, we all knew the team leaving the field was going to look different from the one that takes it in 2015. Some guys would leave via free agency, some would be cut, and some would (hopefully) retire gracefully. After the Steelers declined to use their franchise tag on Worilds, I think most of us expected to see him fall into category number one.


Clearly the Steelers knew something all of us didn’t. It doesn’t appear this sudden retirement is related to any physical ailments. Worilds has missed exactly one game in the last three seasons, leading the team with 8 sacks in 2013 and finishing second with 7.5 this past year. The rumor is Worilds has recently undergone a spiritual awakening and simply feels his life’s work doesn’t involve professional football. If true, I admire his willingness to walk away an easy $10+ million free agent pay day because his heart is no longer in the sport.

I don’t know where Worilds goes from here but whatever he may chose to do with the rest of his life, I wish him well. Some may call him a “quitter” but to me it takes more courage to chose your own path than take the road laid out before you.

Week 16 Recap: Back Where We Belong

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Dec 222014
Suck It, Haters!
“Suck It, Haters!”

The Pittsburgh Steelers ended their unbearable two year post-season drought in emphatic fashion, clinching a spot in the 2014 NFL playoffs with a convincing 20-12 victory over the Kansas City Chiefs. I’m not sure I’d call this their most impressive win of the season although it was easily the most solid. In my preview I talked glowingly of the Chiefs which, truth be told, was based almost entirely on their impressive stats. Going by what I saw yesterday, KC is certainly not the highest caliber opponent we’ve faced this year.

I call this win solid because for the first time this year, the Steelers performed well in all three phases. Nobody on offense put up huge numbers and there weren’t any memorable splash plays but as a group they moved the ball almost effortlessly against what was billed as a superior defense. Ben Roethlisberger was an efficient 18/25 for 220 yards, Le’Veon Bell had 63 yards on 20 carries and both Heath Miller and Antonio Brown caught 7 balls for 68 and 72 yards respectively. All this added up to scores on four of their six drives. Continue reading »

What Does Jason Worilds’ Transition Tag Mean for the Steelers?

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Mar 062014

Jason Worilds

The Pittsburgh Steelers announced Monday that they have placed the transition tag on linebacker Jason Worilds. That gave them the right to match any offer Worilds would have received on the free agent market. It also means Worilds is getting $9.754 million from the Steelers in 2014 if he signs the offer.

On Tuesday, he did sign the offer. That’s a good sign Worilds believes a long-term deal is coming his way, since he can no longer accept offers from other teams.

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Worilds To Remain A Steeler

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Mar 052014


Well, that didn’t take long. One might even say it was a quick trip around the worilds.

On Monday, the Pittsburgh Steelers placed their transition tag on free agent linebacker Jason Worilds. Yesterday, Worilds signed the one year $9.75 million contract that comes with being tagged. What this means is Worilds is no longer a free agent and guaranteed to suit up for the Black and Gold in 2014. It also means the Steelers have some work to do to get under the $133 million salary cap by next Tuesday’s deadline. Continue reading »

Steelers Play Tag With Worilds

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Mar 042014


Finally, some action…

The Pittsburgh Steelers made their first big move of the off-season, placing the transition tag on free agent linebacker Jason Worilds. I’m sure many of you are asking, “What the hell is a transition tag?” Well, it’s basically the Franchise tag’s wacky distant cousin. Where the Franchise tag comes in two flavors – exclusive and non-exclusive – and all but guarantees the player stays with his original team, the transition tag is more of a high stakes game of chicken.

Franchise tags either prevent the player from negotiating with other teams (exclusive) or come with two first round picks compensation if he signs elsewhere (non-exclusive). The transition tag comes with no such protection. Worilds is free to negotiate with other teams with the only catch being the Steelers have the right to match any offer. The transition tag will save them a couple million against the cap – transition players are paid the average of the top ten players at their position vs top five for Franchise players. In Worild’s case, he’ll get $9 million as a transitioned linebacker vs $11 million he’d get as a Franchise. Continue reading »