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Kevin Colbert

Pittsburgh Steelers Complete 2015 Draft Recap

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nNvD5OUBud Dupree
Outside Linebacker
6’4  270 pounds

Is there some secret clause that says every number one draft pick’s first stop in Pittsburgh has to be Primanti’s?

Without further ado, let’s begin our complete recap of the Pittsburgh Steelers selections in the 2015 NFL Draft. I’ve already written about our first choice, outside linebacker Bud Dupree.  Just for posterity, here’s a quick thumbnail sketch. Dupree is a freakish physical specimen with outstanding speed, size, strength, and athleticism. What separates him from Jarvis Jones is Bud can bring heat on the quarterback by either beating his man around the edge or just flat out bull-rushing the blocker in front of him. Also worth noting in a draft where seemingly every other player came with a rap sheet, Dupree is given high marks for both character and fashion sense.

The biggest negative you hear is he’s raw. Somewhat relatedly, scouts think he’s slow to diagnose plays and wonder about his football smarts. I’m not sure these are huge worries as with good coaching, it’s only a matter of teaching him where to go and who to hit. Playing at Kentucky, he didn’t exactly dominate in a way you expect from someone with his pure ability so he’s still a ways away from fulfilling his full potential. When – or, rather, if – he does, the sky truly is the limit.Read More »Pittsburgh Steelers Complete 2015 Draft Recap

Week 6 Recap: Getting What They Deserve

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Nobody panic. Antonio Brown caught seven passes to keep his reception streak record alive.

Under the Mike Tomlin regime, it’s only the truly important things that count!

In less important news, the Pittsburgh Steelers lost 31-10 to the Cleveland Browns. Actually, they didn’t so much “lose” as get their asses handed to them. After a sluggish first quarter where both teams seemed determined to out-suck each other, the Browns kicked it into gear and never looked back. It was by far the easiest win they’ve had this season and oh by the way it was their easiest win over the Steelers since a 49 point shellacking they gave us way back in 1989.

And you know what? Nothing that happened yesterday surprised me in the least.

The Steelers are a terrible team. Awful. Horrible. Pathetic. Insert whatever adjective you’d like.Read More »Week 6 Recap: Getting What They Deserve

Mike Tomlin Just Doesn’t Get It


Mike Tomlin held his weekly press conference yesterday.

Did the Pittsburgh Steelers head coach shoulder the blame for the team’s embarrassing effort against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers? Did he accept responsibility for the reckless nature in which his team plays? Did he vow to crack down on the showboating and stupidity which led to the Steelers being flagged an incredible six times for various personal fouls amongst the many other infractions his team committed on Sunday?

C’mon, this is Mike Tomlin we’re talking about. Of course he didn’t.Read More »Mike Tomlin Just Doesn’t Get It

Why Do The Steelers Waste Money On Bums?

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Ben Roethlisberger, Domata Peko, Marcus Gilbert

Tuesday was Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin‘s press conference. I talked a bit about the nonsense that tends to come out of Coach T’s mouth yesterday. One thing I neglected to mention was an entire line of questioning from the local media cheerleaders/reporters regarding whether a benching might be in order for right tackle Marcus Gilbert. Gilbert, it should be noted, has already surrendered four sacks through the first two games.

For his part, Tomlin said he has nothing but faith in Gilbert, even likening him to movie icon Rocky Balboa.

I’m not going to get into the whole issue of whether Gilbert should start or sit. I did that last year and it took five weeks and four losses before Tomlin decided that maybe it was time to tweak the line-up. Gilbert’s going to play and play and play some more until (unless) he proves to be a total liability. What I’m interested in is the reason the Steelers will afford Gilbert all this leeway.Read More »Why Do The Steelers Waste Money On Bums?