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Jonathan Dwyer

Steelers Trade For Felix Jones

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The calamities which decimated the Pittsburgh Steelers secondary early in the preseason have now befallen the team’s running backs. Pick a back, any back, and I have an injury for you.

LaRod Stephens-Howling has some sort of MCL sprain. Both Baron Batch and Isaac Redman are recovering from stingers. Le’Veon Bell has a Lisfranc injury or unknown severity. At this point, fumble-prone Jonathan Dwyer is the last man standing.

Bell is by far the biggest loss. We saw what the other guys could do last season with the word “mediocrity” immediately springing to mind. That’s why the Steelers took Bell in the second round and why Bell was slated to be the team’s featured back. In the unintentional comedy department, the team’s unofficial propaganda machine aka the Post-Gazette, posted that Bell’s injury “is not as serious as the team initially feared, but he could be out up to six weeks because of a small ligament tear in his right foot.”Read More »Steelers Trade For Felix Jones

Le’Veon Bell Down And Out

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What is it with the Pittsburgh Steelers and highly drafted running backs?

In 1989, they took Tim Worley with the seventh overall pick. I’ll forever argue Worley had the most talent of any back the team has had in the past 25 years although we’ll never know for sure because he was a drug-addled goof who never got his career on track. That he has since cleaned up his act is heartening even if it falls under the category of “Fifteen years too late.” Four years later, they took Bam Morris in the third round and he, too, pissed away a promising career due to drug abuse.

Fast forward to 2008 when the Steelers take Rashard Mendenhall in the first round. With The Bus retired and Fast Willie Parker stuck in neutral, the team thought they were getting their next workhorse back. In his first NFL start, Mendy got laid out by Ray Lewis, broke his collarbone, and was lost for the season. He never lived up to expectations and was mercifully allowed to leave via free agency

Now we have Le’Veon Bell.Read More »Le’Veon Bell Down And Out

Steelers Second Preseason Game Worse Than The First

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Keep repeating: “It’s only the preseason. It’s only the preseason.”

The Pittsburgh Steelers played their second preseason game last night, losing to the Washington Redskins 24-13. The final score isn’t as important as how the team performed. In their first preseason game, the Black and Gold looked sloppy and undisciplined. If nothing else, I was hoping to see the team’s level of play improve across the board.

Talk about one step forward, two steps back. Where to begin with last night’s debacle?Read More »Steelers Second Preseason Game Worse Than The First

Tough Day For Steelers Running Backs

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Being a sports fan in the age of Twitter is a double-edged sword. On the on hand, the immediacy gives you a chance to commiserate on every blown call or missed opportunity like your watching the game at the world’s biggest Buffalo Wild Wings (minus the cute waitresses). The drawback to Twitter is when something bad happens, word spreads fast. And true to our nature as Pittsburgh sports fans, we tend to take bad news with an extra helping of doom and gloom.

As I was tweeting away during yesterday’s excruciating loss by the Pittsburgh Pirates, my antenna went up when I saw news about an injury at Steelers practice. Nominal starting running back Isaac Redman went down with some sort of injury. Okay, bad news but nothing to get too upset about. Not five minutes later another alert flashed across my iPhone – rookie Le’Veon Bell was also down and he wasn’t getting up. Read More »Tough Day For Steelers Running Backs

Bell Makes Club From Tub

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Well, this explains a lot…

The battle to be named featured running back for the Pittsburgh Steelers was set to be one of the more heated competitions of this year’s training camp. The smart money figured it to be a two horse race between rookie Le’Veon Bell and fourth year man Jonathan Dwyer. Naturally, the team threw us all a curve during Saturday’s preseason opener when diminutive scatback LaRod Stephens-Howling got the bulk of the carries. What was going on?Read More »Bell Makes Club From Tub

Running Back Battle Heats Up

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When Pittsburgh Steelers defensive lineman Brett Keisel rolled into Latrobe in a dump truck announcing the team was “under construction,” he was merely stating the obvious. The Steelers are a team in transition.

No position is more wide open than at running back. When Todd Haley was hired, his first order of business was getting back to “Stiller Football” by establishing a strong consistent running game to complement the passing attack and take some pressure off Ben Roethlisberger. The rushing attack was more or less a miserable failure during year one of the Haley Regime. With Rashard Mendenhall mercifully tap dancing his way to join Bruce Arians down in  Pittsburgh West Arizona, the Black and Gold were left no clear cut number one back.

Read More »Running Back Battle Heats Up