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Roethlisberger Trial Won’t Change Venue

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The Nevada State Supreme Court has ruled the [intlink id=”14″ type=”category”]Ben Roethlisberger[/intlink] sexual assault trial will go forward in Reno as originally filed.  Wait, what?  They’re just now figuring out where to HOLD the trial?  I realize the wheels of justice grind slowly but this is ridiculous.

For those who may have forgotten, a Lake Tahoe resort hostess, Andrea McNulty, originally accused Ben of trapping her in his hotel room and raping her way back in 2008.  Considering the implications to the Tahoe case,  it’s understandable they’d put the trial on hold when the mess down in Milledgeville came about.  But that investigation concluded faster than the drunk bimbo could sober up.  What’s the delay?

Roethlisberger’s lawyers sought to move the trial from Reno (in Washoe county) to Tahoe (in Douglas county).  The reason for the move, according to court filings, is “convenience.”  Although looking at this map of Nevada, that’s like arguing the difference between Allegheny and Washington counties.  Also, we have this quote from Ben’s lawyer, “Today’s ruling does not affect the likely outcome of this case.”


Clearly, this was a stalling tactic designed to drive up the costs and time associated with McNulty’s case.  Ben should just settle with the crazy bitch and be done with it.  Look, I don’t think he did anything wrong but he’s gone through so much in an attempt to rehabilitate his tattered image I see no possible upside to pursuing this.  Roethlisberger already spent who knows how many hundreds of thousands of dollars on a sham PR marriage.  Put that money to good use doing like Kobe Bryant, Michael Jackson, and countless other celebrities have done before you.  Write a check and make her go away.