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A Dark Knight In Pittsburgh

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How’d you spend your weekend?

The Pittsburgh Steelers spent theirs filming a scene for a little flick by the name of The Dark Knight Rises.  This may mean little to some of you but to a comic geek like me, it’s the perfect melding of my two favorite things in the universe.  Words cannot express how anxious I am to see this film.  This news is even more exciting to me than the prospect of seeing Art Rooney’s great-granddaughter’s tits in The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.

[intlink id=”14″ type=”category”]Ben Roethlisberger[/intlink], [intlink id=”34″ type=”category”]Hines Ward[/intlink], [intlink id=”57″ type=”category”]Troy Polamalu[/intlink], James Farrior, Ryan Clark, and several other Steelers took on the guise of the Gotham Rogues for a scene set at Heinz Field.  The Gotham coach was played by none other than [intlink id=”49″ type=”category”]Bill Cowher[/intlink], who was greeted by a raucous ovation when introduced to his beloved hometown crowd.  I’m not sure what the scene entailed (mostly because I tend to avoid spoilers) but the tire tracks and appearance of the Tumbler seem to indicate Batman is chasing someone into the stadium.  I realize Bane is basically a juice monkey but I swear if they make him an ex-football player…

While Pittsburgh has become Hollywood East in recent years, the team had a special “in.”  One of the team’s minority owners is a producer on the film and he was the guy who steered production away from Chicago (the location used in the first two films) to the ‘Burgh.  Yes, the Steelers have minority owners, a by-product of Dan Rooney having to buy the team out from his brothers and sisters a few years back.  Thanks, Roger Goodell, you prick.

Anyway, as if one needed additional incentive to look forward to The Dark Knight Rises next summer, now we can also look forward to seeing our favorite Steelers flee in terror as Batman rampages over their field.  This already in addition to scenes filmed all around town, including some at my Alma mater, Carnegie Mellon.  I wish I had the time to sit around Heinz this weekend but I learned my lesson years ago after I spent six hours in the Igloo for a split-second cameo in Sudden Death.   Speaking of which, where’s my IMDB page?