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Terrelle Pryor Already Suspended By NFL

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Sometimes you read something that is just too good to pass up.

This is a Pittsburgh Steelers blog.  But sometimes I’ll write about other things related to the sports scene here in the Steel City.  This is one of those times.  And, hey, it does tangentially tie in with the Steelers in a roundabout way.

Pittsburgh high school phenom Terrelle Pryor has been suspended by the NFL.  “Wait,” you may ask, “isn’t he still in college?” Indeed he is, although that will change when he’s taken in next week’s Supplemental Draft.  The lucky team choosing Pryor will have to wait five weeks to see what they’ve gotten themselves into as [intlink id=”8″ type=”category”]Roger Goodell[/intlink] has proactively decided to suspend him for flouting NCAA rules.

God bless the Ginger Dictator.  Only he would have the balls to punish a guy not even under his jurisdiction for an offense which isn’t even illegal under the by-laws of his league.

Not that I have any great love for [intlink id=”106″ type=”category”]Terrelle Pryor[/intlink].  He’s going to be a great NFL player…  Once he moves to wide receiver.  Anybody who thinks he’ll be a top flight NFL QB really needs watch tonight’s game against the Philadelphia Eagles.  Sitting on their bench backing up Michael Vick is a guy by the name of Vince Young.


The NFL is a passing league.  In order to successfully throw the ball, you need a quarterback who can read defenses and then release the ball quickly, accurately, and with sufficient steam.  Aaron Rodger is an NFL quarterback.  Ben Roethlisberger is an NFL quarterback.

Vince Young is a poor man’s Kordell Stewart. Terrelle Pryor is a poor man’s Vince Young.

Coming out of college, Young was clearly not cut out to be an NFL quarterback as former Steeler great Merrill Hoge noted when he called him “a soft baby.”  His mechanics were terrible, he lacked basic leadership qualities and he couldn’t read a defense. He could barely read, period, scoring a whopping six on the Wonderlic.  That’s the test where you get three points simply for writing your name.

Oh, he had a decent first couple years but teams quickly caught on to his tricks.  By his third year, he was riding the pine behind 65-year-old noodle-armed Kerry Collins.  After two years of his constant bitching and off-field distractions, the Titans realized he wasn’t worth the headaches.  Which the team should have known before they drafted him third overall.  HE GOT PWNED BY MERRILL F’N HOGE!

Terrelle Pryor is the exact same player, except with a far less impressive college career.  Terrible mechanics?  He makes Dennis Dixon look positively Manning-esque.  Lousy attitude?  [intlink id=”99″ type=”category”]Charlie Batch[/intlink] tried to mentor the kid in high school but quickly washed his hands of the job because he was such an obnoxious dick.  Intelligence?  He went to Ohio State.  ‘Nuff said.

Good luck to whatever team that has the misfortune of drafting Terrelle Pryor.  Oh, maybe he’ll luck into having a good season or two before the inevitable self-implosion.  Or maybe your coach will have the good sense to convert him in to a slash early in his career before delusions of signal-calling grandeur creep into his fool head.  But at the end of the day, you’ll be sorry.