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Polamalu’s Hair vs Keisel’s Beard: Who Ya Got?

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[intlink id=”166″ type=”category”]Pittsburgh Steelers[/intlink] head coach Mike Tomlin had his weekly chatfest with the media yesterday. Of course the topic on everyone’s mind was the status of superstar safety [intlink id=”57″ type=”category”]Troy Polamalu[/intlink], who missed most of the fourth quarter against Jacksonville after exhibiting “concussion-like symptoms.” Symptoms no doubt exacerbated by clueless moron Ryan Clark headbutting a dazed Troy after he took a Muy Thai knee to the noggin’ trying to stop Maurice Jones-Drew. Breathe a sigh of relief Steeler Nation, according to Tomlin he has passed a concussion test and should be “good to go” this Sunday when the Black and Gold face off against Pittsburgh West Arizona.

Also in the lineup on Sunday will be defensive end [intlink id=”173″ type=”category”]Brett Keisel[/intlink], who battled a knee injury during the preseason which hampered his play and eventually caused him to miss two games but has been an absolute beast since making his return. Last week, the Diesel was a one-man wrecking crew, registering six tackles, two sacks and batting down a pass. The week before, his deflection at the line of scrimmage led to the team’s one and only interception of the season. I don’t think it can be argued he has been by far our best defensive lineman this season and an argument could be made he was our best last year as well. Not bad for a 7th round pick back in 2002 who was basically an afterthought until he finally came into his own in 2008.

Of course, the rise in Keisel’s level of play can be directly linked to the length of his facial hair. The Power of the Beard imbued him with the strength of three ordinary men last season. This year, it has healed his sprained PCL and put him back on the field better than ever. The Beard has inspired a cult following here in the ‘Burgh with “Fear The Beard” t-shirts flying off the shelves. This year, Keisel has a new shirt, which you can purchase off his website by clicking here, all proceeds going to charity.

Troy Polamalu’s hair needs no introduction. Before the Beard, Troy’s luxurious mane were the most famous follicles in football. Say that ten times fast. I couldn’t even imagine how Troy would play without the hair to give him strength. The story of Samson leaps to mind.

Anyway, the folks over at Head & Shoulders have finally went where they should have went long ago. They’ve produced a most excellent commercial featuring both our hirsute heroes (and Hines Ward, who threatens to steal the whole thing with his Mr. T-esque “You lyin’ fool!”). About time, Head & Shoulders. You’ve wasted a golden advertising opportunity for almost two years now. I hope we get a few more Beard vs Hair spots in the near future. Not since King Kong faced off against Godzilla has there been a more eagerly anticipated battle.

So, Steeler Nation, Troy’s hair against Diesel’s beard…  Who ya got?