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Sound Off, Steeler Nation

I’ve been trying to think of new weekly features to add to TotalSteelers for awhile now. While I enjoy the “Write whatever the hell comes to mind” nature of this blog, features provide a certain familiarity and consistency readers enjoy. Know Thy Enemy has always been a crowd pleaser, so much so those uncreative hacks who took over my old blog can’t be bothered to think of a new name for their unreadable game previews.

After seeing Steeler Nation completely take over Glendale this past weekend, I was inspired. I would like to extend the same opportunity to take over this blog. Well, I’m too much of a control freak to cede total control but I would like to allow one of you dear readers a chance to speak your mind. Since many most all of you seem loathe to take advantage of my fabulous comment feature, I offer this proposal. A weekly feature whereby a member of Steeler Nation is free to Sound Off on any topic of their choosing.

If you’d be interested in being TotalSteelers first ever Guest Blogger, shoot me an email over at