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Sound-Off: Taking The High Road

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By Hennessy

The “Mile High” road to be exact.

Three days from now that is exactly where our boys in Black and Gold will be, and I guess I’m saying I like our chances compared to the alternative(s) that could have been bestowed upon us. Unlike Chris, I have a certain degree of disdain for Tebow his Highness, mainly rooted in my utter disdain for the “Media Tidal Waves” that like to make something out of nothing. Tim Tebow took the field behind perennially incompetent Kyle Orton. I mean, they had superfans buying damn billboards asking for Tebowmania to begin.  Anyone who didn’t expect some degree of improvement would be likened to a fool, and that’s exactly what it was, a degree of improvement.

WHAT A STREAK OF DIVINITY FATHER TIM!!! You beat seven teams that are watching the post-season from their local watering hole this year!!!

Tim Tebow is an average NFL quarterback. I am not jumping on the bandwagon of his unconventional style, as I don’t think it differs much from the last “Unconventional Wave” of Miami chewing on the the wildcat formation (Where did that get them?). Denver has a running threat behind center that has yet to prove he can throw the ball consistently. The only thing that he has proven is he is a better option than Kyle Orton. Hell, I would take my chances with Byron “One-Game” Leftwich before Orton.

Tebow-bashing aside, I like our chances in Denver. Sure, Run-Into-Em Mendenhall is out, and Ryan Clark can’t play because he might DIE. While Mike Tomlin made the wise call to order Clark to ride pine, where was that foresight when dealing with  Ben Roethlisberger last week? Especially now that his Iron Clad Hoof has “suffered a setback.” Ben offers about as much truthiness in press conferences as old Tomcat, so I am not sure how much stock to place in their claim the “healing process being pushed back a week or so.” I firmly believe Redzone is capable of taking Mendy’s place. As long as he keeps the ball in hand this weekend, a repeat of his performance in Cleveland would be plenty good enough in the Mile High city. Oh, and I love the fact that even though Clark could DIE, he still wanted to play ball. Talk about some good vibes and intangibles floating through that locker room on game day.

The other reason I like the way the chips fell is I am EXCITED about either matchup we potentially face in the Divisional round. I don’t want to curse the curse and start looking past Denver, but the post-season is about grit and kick-ass football. What better way to make that happen than to chase New England and Baltimore through the AFC? I wrote in my first ever post how I thought it best for the Steelers to fall in week eight against the Patsies. That didn’t happen, though I now realize you don’t need much motivation to go into New England primed to win a football game. The alternative? Heading off to Baltimore for our annual rubber match.

But first, Denver has a point to prove, and Tebow wants to show he can play ball with the Big Boys. He can’t. I fully expect MT to run the gas out of Big Snack and watch Tebow quiver every snap. Don’t take my unabashed hatred for the whole “Feel Good” Tebow story as a guranteed ride to the Divisional round, because I never look past any team in the playoffs. I’m just saying, if I had the choice of taking the low road through Houston or the high one through Denver, I would most certainly choose the ladder this time around. The only “Highness” in Colorado is the elevation. Let the Bungles go play with the Pseudo-Cowboys… I want the “Superstar” waiting when we get off the plane.