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Wallace Watch Day 34 – The End

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He’s baaaaaaaccck…

Mike Wallace finally found his way to the South Side and will sign his $2.7 million tender later this afternoon, putting him back in the Black and Gold. At least for one more year. The Pittsburgh Steelers Pro Bowl wide receiver has held out since the end of last season, missing voluntary OTAs, mandatory OTAs, strictly non-committal but he really really likes you OTAs, mini-camp, and now 3/4 of training camp. The good news is he’s finally decided to return. The bad news is under new CBA rules, Wallace can’t put on his pads and practice for at least 3 more days.

Talk about an extended summer vacation.

I’ve written extensively about Wallace so no need to go on another of my lengthy diatribes here. Antonio Brown and Manny Sanders looked good in his absence but Wallace is a singular talent. He makes everybody on the field that much better. We can worry about whether this is a one and done deal or the Steelers plan on keeping him in the fold later. We can worry about his prolonged holdout and whether it’ll hamper his conditioning and/or ability to pick up Todd Haley’s new offense once the team takes the field in games that count.

For now, all that matters is Wallace is back. And as his exclusive interview with Deebo posted above shows, he’s got his eyes on another Super Bowl run. By the way, I kinda see why the players have such contempt for our local media. Harrison conducts a better interview than half the hosts on the Fan.