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Wide Receivers

Antonio Brown Becomes Highest Paid Receiver In NFL

Sources told ESPN’s Adam Schefter that the Pittsburgh Steelers came to an agreement with Antonio Brown. The four-year contract extension makes the 28-year-old Miami native the highest paid wide receiver in the NFL, at $68 million dollars.

Antonio Brown’s previous contract with the Steelers runs through until the end of the season until 2017 where he will make a total of $4.7 million dollars on the season. With his new contract, he will make nearly four times that amount with $18.5 million in his first three years and $12.5 million in the fourth year of his contract extension. The new contract also came with a $19 million dollar signing bonus so now we can see why Antonio is all smiles in the picture he shared on twitter.

Despite his success in the NFL as wide receiver, he didn’t start running routes regularly until he made it into college. Read More »Antonio Brown Becomes Highest Paid Receiver In NFL

Ben Says Bryant Needs To Man Up

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If the Pittsburgh Steelers are going to do anything in the NFL Playoffs, it’ll be up to their offense. Defensively, they’re average at best. What makes them a threat is an explosive offense that can literally put up points at the drop of a hat. At least, it could until about three weeks ago.

The Steelers faced some of the best defenses in the league this year. They put up 30+ points against the Seahawks, Bengals, and Broncos. The past two weeks they’ve faced two of the worst defenses in football and could only manage 20 and 28 respectively. And the 28 should come with an asterisk because it was aided by a pair of fumble recoveries that set the offense up deep inside the red zone.Read More »Ben Says Bryant Needs To Man Up

Week 12 Recap: Sum Of All Fears

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At halftime, Mike Tomlin was asked about his decision to try a risky fake punt/pass which resulting in an interception that set up the Seahawks’ first touchdown. “We aren’t going to live in our fears. We’re going to live in our hopes” was his classic response. Unfortunately over the next three quarters, Steeler Nation saw all their worst fears come to life. And in the end we watched the Seattle Seahawks defeat the Pittsburgh Steelers in a wild 39-30 shootout.

Since it was a national game I assume 99.9% of you watched it so there’s no need for a play-by-play recap. Instead, I’ll just give some random thoughts about yesterday’s costly loss. Let’s start with our defense. Although what we saw from them yesterday might barely qualify as such.Read More »Week 12 Recap: Sum Of All Fears

Martavis Bryant Returns To Steelers

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Baltimore Ravens v Pittsburgh Steelers

Some day the Pittsburgh Steelers will have the team they expected to have on the field all at the same time. Unfortunately, that time is not quite yet. While we continue Big Ben Watch ’15, another important player makes his long awaited return on Monday night when wide receiver Martavis Bryant returns to the Steelers after serving his four game suspension. Hopefully it’ll be his last.

Bryant was a revelation last season. Lost in last year’s offensive explosion was the fact the Steelers struggled the first month of the season. Once Bryant was inserted in the line-up, however, there was no looking back. Which is not to say a team with Le’Veon Bell and Antonio Brown wouldn’t have figured it out eventually. There’s just too much talent there. Still, there’s no denying that once Bryant started seeing regular playing time, the offense made a giant leap forward.Read More »Martavis Bryant Returns To Steelers

Martavis Bryant Has Big Issues

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Baltimore Ravens v Pittsburgh Steelers

Running back Le’Veon Bell returns to the Pittsburgh Steelers this Sunday. Good news for everybody except our opponents. And maybe DeAngelo Williams, who just so happens to be the league’s second leading rusher. Also, it could mean unemployment for Dri Archer since we don’t need four backs, especially one that’s utterly useless.

Er, anyway the point here is Le’Veon Bell is coming back. It’s still two more weeks before wide receiver Martavis Bryant is eligible to return from his suspension. “Eligible” being the operative word as even once he can return, there’s no guarantee that he will. Martavis Bryant has some big issues.Read More »Martavis Bryant Has Big Issues

Tomlin Promises Possible Changes (Maybe)

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Yesterday, Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin held his first weekly press conference. If you’re new to TotesStillers, let me explain that I have an almost masochistic desire to watch these things. It gives me some perverse joy to listen to his half-truths, non-answers, and (especially after a loss or two) the seething contempt Coach T has for being questioned by the sycophantic Pittsburgh Media. Which is my other joy; listening to what passes as “reporters” in this town lob softball after softball at him because heaven forbid anybody ever criticize the mighty Steelers.

Years past I wrote these long detailed posts following his pressers but it’s too much of a chore both for me to write and you to slog through. So I’m just gonna hit on the highlights. For example, this week’s began with a discussion of Thursday night’s loss at New England. Somebody actually did ask Tomlin about his comical clock management at the end of both halves to which Coach T responded, “I saw no problem with it at all.”Read More »Tomlin Promises Possible Changes (Maybe)

Week 1 Recap: What’s The Frequency, Belichick ?

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Never change, Patriots.

The Pittsburgh Steelers lost their season opener to the New England Patriots 28-21. I’d like to say something like “the score really wasn’t that close” but the truth is it really was that close. The Steelers didn’t play badly at all – in fact, even their much maligned defense didn’t play all that terribly. They got absolutely abused by Rob Gronkowski (5 catches, 94 yards, 3 TDs) although in all fairness Gronk is a freak of nature that can and will wreck even the best of secondaries given the chance.

Old school Steeler fans aren’t going to like it but the days of the Black and Gold shutting people out are over. The team as presently constructed is going to win by scoring a lot of points on offense while hoping the defense can hold the opponent somewhere around 25 points. If anything, last night’s loss was on the offense. The Steelers squandered at least four golden opportunities to score, costing themselves at very least 14 points.Read More »Week 1 Recap: What’s The Frequency, Belichick ?

Martavis Bryant Suspended 4 Games

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Baltimore Ravens v Pittsburgh Steelers

Can this preseason be over? Please?

First Shaun Suisham hurt himself trying to be a football player, then Maurkice Pouncey was lost for the bulk of the season with a broken foot. Finally, Bruce Gradkowski suffered a serious wrist injury which necessitated the signing of Michael Vick, sending a significant part of Steeler Nation into howls – pardon the pun – of protest. Mind you, we haven’t even played a single meaningful game yet. And when we do, we’ll be without our #2 receiver.

Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Martavis Bryant has been suspended 4 games for violation of the NFL’s substance abuse policy. Which for those scoring at home means when the Steelers kick off the season against the Patriots, we’ll be without Le’Veon Bell – suspended 2 games for last year’s pot bust – our Pro Bowl Center and our big play receiver. Not good considering our defense is highly suspect and our best chance for winning was to ride our high-powered offense. Guess we’ll see how good Todd Haley’s system really is.Read More »Martavis Bryant Suspended 4 Games

Steelers Go Corner, Wide Receiver in Rounds 2 & 3

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I’m sure the Pittsburgh Steelers have a plan – I just have no idea what it is.

On the second day of the 2015 NFL Draft, the Steelers selected cornerback Senquez Golson and wide receiver Sammie Coates in rounds 2 and 3. Neither player is quite what I expected. They needed a corner. I know it, you know it, they know it. I’m just not sure they needed *this* corner.

Then again both Mel Kiper and Todd McShay were ecstatic about Golson’s selection so maybe I just don’t get it. He’s certainly a fascinating player. The word “ballhawk” doesn’t do Golson justice as he hauled in a whopping 10 (!?) interceptions last season at Mississippi. Blazing 4.46 40 speed combined with superior ball skills make for what appears to be an ideal cover corner. What’s more, he’s not afraid to stick his nose in the line of scrimmage and provide some sure-tackling run support.Read More »Steelers Go Corner, Wide Receiver in Rounds 2 & 3

Off-Season Round-Up: Dick LeBeau and Wide Receivers

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Pittsburgh West meet Pittsburgh South.

Back in 2007 the Arizona Cardinals hired then Pittsburgh Steelers offensive coordinator Ken Whisenhunt as head coach. Whiz embarked on a six year mission to import as many ex-Steeler players and coaches as he could. When ex-Steelers weren’t available, former Pitt Panthers would also suffice. It reached such a level of absurdity that “Pittsburgh West” became a trendy – and accurate – nickname for the Cardinals.

When Whisenhunt was fired in 2012, he was replaced by yet another former Steeler offensive coordinator, Bruce Arians. Arians has continued his predecessor’s habit of populating his team with guys who once wore the Black and Gold so much so that the Pittsburgh West nickname continues to be relevant. Meanwhile, Whisenhunt spent a year as an offensive coordinator before the Tennessee Titans gave him a second opportunity as head coach. As he’s set to enter his second season down in Music City, it appears Whiz is trying to give Arizona a run for their money.Read More »Off-Season Round-Up: Dick LeBeau and Wide Receivers