Jan 062016


In the run up to Saturday’s playoff rubber match between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Cincinnati Bengals, two key injuries that will bear watching. First is the ankle injury suffered last Sunday by Steelers running back DeAngelo Williams. Second is the broken thumb that cost Bengals starting quarterback Andy Dalton the last month of the season. Either one could very well tip the balance between these two closely matched teams. Continue reading »

Week 17 Recap: In Through The Out Door

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Jan 042016


Thank you, Rex.

A week after Bill Belichick all but waved the white flag, Rex Ryan brought his new team to play, in the process knocking his old team out of the playoffs. The Bills upsetting the Jets left the post-season door wide open. Literally minutes later, the Pittsburgh Steelers defeated the Cleveland Browns 28-12 to backdoor into the NFL Playoffs. As with everything involving the Black and Gold, it wasn’t easy. Continue reading »

Know Thy Enemy: Cleveland Browns

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Jan 012016


Last weekend was on me. I usually post Know Thy Enemy on Friday but I moved it to Thursday because of Christmas. So I jinxed us. So even though many of you are probably too hung over to read this, I’m posting it anyway. Happy New Year!

With their playoff hopes hanging by a thread, the Pittsburgh Steelers need a win against the Cleveland Browns to stay alive. After that, they can do nothing but hope the Buffalo Bills upset the New York Jets. This surely isn’t where they wanted to be. Unfortunately, the standard is the standard. Continue reading »

Steelers Playoff Hopes Rest With Rex

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Dec 302015


After weeks of discussing one scenario after the other, it comes down to this. The Pittsburgh Steelers playoff hopes rest with Rex Ryan and the Buffalo Bills. In the wake of their inexplicable bed shitting against the Ravens, the Black and Gold had two possible paths to the post-season. Either the Bills had to beat the New York Jets next week or the Denver Broncos had to lose out. Continue reading »

Week 16 Recap: Steelers Leave Coal In Our Stockings

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Dec 282015


I hope everybody got what they wanted for Christmas because yesterday the Steelers left coal in all our stockings. In the latest in a long string of embarrassing losses to bad teams, the Baltimore Ravens upset the Pittsburgh Steelers 20-17, placing their playoff hopes in serious jeopardy. In a year where we started our third string quarterback and played some of the best teams in the league, naturally they save their worst game of the season for right when everything is coming together. The standard is the standard, right? Continue reading »

Know Thy Enemy: Baltimore Ravens

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Dec 242015


No, you haven’t been sipping too much spiked eggnog, it’s Thursday. I’ve traditionally posted Know Thy Enemy on Friday going all the way back to my NicePickCowher days but tomorrow’s a small little holiday some of you may be celebrating with friends/family. While I’d like to think your first stop with your new iPads and smarty phones would be this site, I realize you may have other interests. Besides, posting something titled “Know They Enemy” on Christmas just feels all kinds of wrong.

As you can tell from that long preamble, I don’t have a whole lot to say about this week’s game. The Pittsburgh Steelers visit the Baltimore Ravens as they continue to fight for a berth in the NFL playoffs. If things fall into place – meaning a Steeler victory and a Jets loss to the Patriots – the Black and Gold will find a playoff spot under their tree. There’s also a scenario where they win the AFC North but that’s a bit more remote. Continue reading »

Steelers Wish Threaten You A Merry Christmas

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Dec 232015


December 25th is almost upon us which means only one thing. In what has become a yearly tradition, the Pittsburgh Steelers sang Christmas carols to wish Merry Christmas to Steeler Nation. Although watching this year’s video, I’m not sure they’re wishing so much as threatening. I always thought Run DMC had the most badass holiday song until I saw James Harrison lead the linebackers in a scary rendition of Santa Claus Is Coming to Town. Continue reading »

Week 15 Recap: The Force Awakens

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Dec 212015


Don’t worry, I’m not going to spoil Star Wars for the two people out there who still haven’t seen it.

Yesterday’s match-up was seen as the irresistible force meeting the immoveable object. The Black and Gold’s best in the league offense being the force while Denver’s top ranked defense being the object. At halftime, it appeared the immoveable wouldn’t be budged. Then the force awakened in time to see the Pittsburgh Steelers rally for a thrilling comeback victory over the Denver Broncos 34-27. Continue reading »

Know Thy Enemy: Denver Broncos

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Dec 182015


The Pittsburgh Steelers try to keep their playoff hopes alive when they host the Denver Broncos this Sunday at Heinz Field. The game itself is a classic case of the irresistible force meeting the immoveable object. The irresistible force being the Steelers offense. The Cardinals may technically be ranked first and an argument can certainly be made for the Patriots but I after scoring 30+ points and amassing 350+ yards of offense in five consecutive games, there’s little doubt who has the best offense in football. Continue reading »

The Bengals Are Taking Their Loss Well

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Dec 172015


Well, the Cincinnati Bengals certainly seem to be taking their loss well.  On Sunday, the Pittsburgh Steelers beat them in front of their home fans in a game filled with nastiness and cheap shots. To add insult to injury, they lost their quarterback for the rest of the regular season, possibly for the playoffs. This led to a lot of airtime spent pondering if the Steelers might be the most dangerous team in the AFC North. 

Evidently, this did not sit well with Adam “Pacman” Jones. Pacman didn’t play on Sunday nursing an injury but the Cincinnati Bengals cornerback went on an expletive laden rant directed at the Pittsburgh Steelers. Large portions of it are indecipherable mumbling but when you can make out what he’s saying, it’s pretty NSFW. The video can be found after the jump. Continue reading »