Week 17 Recap: Winning The Battle, Losing The War

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Dec 292014


It’s Black Monday for the twenty teams that didn’t qualify for the NFL Playoffs. It’s “cross your fingers and pray” Monday for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

For the first time since 2010, the Black and Gold are your AFC North champions thanks to a resounding 27-17 victory over the Cincinnati Bengals. The game itself was another solid performance by the Steelers in all three phases. The win catapulted them to the #3 seed and the privilege of hosting a playoff game at Heinz Field this weekend. However, every bit of good news was overshadowed when superstar running back – and team MVP – Le’Veon Bell left the game after taking a vicious hit to the knee early in the second half. Continue reading »

Will Bell’s Wheels Fall Off?

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Dec 172014

bell bengals

Le’Veon Bell is having a breakout season. After a solid if unspectacular rookie campaign, Bell has quickly emerged as one of the most dangerous offensive weapons in the NFL. The Pittsburgh Steelers know this and have adjusted their offense accordingly. However, the question we need to ask is how hot can Bell’s engine run before he blows a gasket?

When Mike Tomlin was hired as head coach in 2007, he was asked what kind of offense he intended to run. In their never-ending desire to get back to “Stiller Football,” Coach T responded that he intended to feed running back Willie Parker “until the wheels fell off.” In the second to last game of the season against the Rams, the wheels did indeed come off for Parker when he suffered a broken leg. The Super Bowl hero would come back to play for two more mediocre seasons but never recaptured his former glory after the injury robbed Fast Willie of his top end speed. Continue reading »

Dec 082014

Martavis Bryant 94 TD Catch

Well, that was unexpected…

A week after a miserable showing against the Saints, the Pittsburgh Steelers went out and crushed the Cincinnati Bengals 42-21 to tighten the race in both the AFC North and AFC Playoffs. How convincing was this victory? So convincing Andy Dalton watched the final five minutes from the sideline after Marvin Lewis all but threw in the towel.

Of course, if the Black and Gold hold to 2014 form, I fully expect them to crap the bed next week in Atlanta. Continue reading »

Week 11 Recap: Saved By The Bell

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Nov 182014


Thank goodness for byes because I don’t think my blood pressure can take another week of this.

After playing the first two and a half quarters like a bunch of extras on the Walking Dead, the Pittsburgh Steelers rallied late to edge the Tennessee Titans 27-24. For a long stretch, it appeared we were headed for yet another instance of the Steelers losing to a bad team as has become all too common during the Mike Tomlin era. If you stuck around for ESPN’s post-game show, well, you were treated to the glorious sight of Ray Lewis losing every last bit of his street cred by wearing an Elmer Fudd hat. You also got a chance to see Steve Young react with extreme exasperation over the Steelers’ annoying habit of playing down to their competition.

Try watching this team week in and week out, Steve. Continue reading »

Week 7 Recap: You’ve Been Thunderstruck

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Oct 212014


Ron Burgundy with all the analysis you really need.

For the first quarter plus of last night’s game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Houston Texans, things could not have been going worse for the Black and Gold. The Steelers offense got off to glacial start – punctuated by boos from the Heinz Field faithful mixing in with the raindrops from above. And our defense couldn’t get off the field, allowing Houston to drive for three straight scores on their first three possessions. By early in the second quarter, Arian Foster had already tallied nearly 100 yards rushing while our inept secondary and anemic pass rush was making Ryan Fitzpatrick look like Joe Montana.

Then come the thunder. Continue reading »

Week 3 Recap: Steelers Get Some Breaks (Literally)

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Sep 222014

Down Goes Peezy Joey Porter Fail

Sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good.

Lady Luck must have been one of the several thousand Black and Gold clad fans who invaded Bank of America Stadium last night to watch the Pittsburgh Steelers steamroll the Carolina Panthers 37-19. To say the Steelers got some breaks would be an understatement. Or, in the case of poor Ike Taylor, a statement you could take quite literally. Continue reading »

Week 2 Recap: Back To The Drawing Board

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Sep 122014


Maybe Ryan Clark wasn’t so bad after all…

After a week dominated by the Ray Rice controversy, the Baltimore Ravens came out and crushed the Pittsburgh Steelers 26-6 on the inaugural edition of CBS Thursday Night Football. Towards the end of the game, commentator Jim Nantz said the Ratbirds were “galvanized” by recent events proving nothing brings a team together better than a wife-beater. Then the players themselves did Nantz one better by dedicated yesterday’s performance to Rice, poor unfairly maligned soul that he is.

Stay classy, Baltimore. Continue reading »

Week 1 Recap: Ain’t That A Kick In The Head

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Sep 082014

Antonio Brown Curb Stomps Browns Punter

Last season it was extremely frustrating to root for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Seemingly every game was a nail-biter. No lead was ever safe. Opposing teams always hung around far longer than expected and as a result, we lost a bunch of games we should have won. 

New season. Same old Steelers.

It’s hard to be too positive about the Steelers 30-27 victory over the Cleveland Browns yesterday at Heinz Field. The players will tell us a win is a win. Mike Tomlin, who has a cliche for every occasion, will trot out his trusty quip about not worrying about “style points.” I guess in the wake of last year’s disastrous 0-4 start, we should be grateful for a win in the season opener, even if it was bowling shoe ugly. Continue reading »

Week 17 Recap: Fresh Out Of Miracles

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Dec 302013


The picture above is of Kansas City Chiefs kicker Ryan Succop. Or, as he’ll be forever known in the Steel City, the Most Hated Man In Pittsburgh. You have ONE JOB, assclown. Although I suppose there is some poetry to the season ending because of a spectacular special teams FAIL.

On a side note, only the Pittsburgh Steelers could get screwed over by the referees in a game they weren’t even playing. Even worse, they got jobbed TWICE. That’s some superior trolling by Roger Goodell. Bring back the replacement refs!

As you may have noticed, I have yet to talk about the Pittsburgh Steelers 20-7 victory over the Cleveland Browns. That’s because it was the epitome of a forgettable game. Yeah, the Black and Gold had to win to keep their slim playoff chances alive but there was little doubt they’d do that. Beyond the easy W, there was little of note beyond some personal statistical goals and perhaps the chance to see Steeler legends (Troy Polamalu, Bret Keisel) play their final game at Heinz Field.  Continue reading »

Week 16 Recap: Die Another Day

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Dec 232013

Steelers another day

Talk about living a charmed life. In my preview for yesterday’s game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Green Bay Packers, I ended by wondering what would happen if the Steelers’ slim playoff hopes were already extinguished by kickoff. Well, not only did every single domino fall their way in the early games, the New England Patriots did them a solid by hammering the Baltimore Ravens later in the afternoon. Yes, ladies and gentleman, the Black and Gold are still mathematically alive for the AFC Playoffs.

It’s a Christmas Miracle.

Of course, it would’ve all been moot had the Steelers not taken care of business by defeating the Packers. Their 38-31 victory was a wild affair featuring a little bit of everything: good offense, good defense, weather porn, special teams trickeration, a heart-stopping finish, and crooked referees doing their best to screw Pittsburgh over. It was the football version of a WWE wrestling match. And in the end, the good guys won. Continue reading »