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No, I Didn’t Get Fired (Again)

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Hey Guys –

No, I haven’t been canned by yet another webmaster (not yet, anyway). Nor was I out in Las Vegas serving as my best friend’s groomsman only to wake up with Mike Tyson’s pet tiger in the bathroom and our buddy, the groom, gone without a trace. Hey, that sounds like it’d make a pretty good movie. What happened is my computer decided to have a thermonuclear meltdown on Sunday and I’ve spent the better part of the last 48 hours alternately swearing at whomever is nearby and getting absolutely no help from the same Indian dude who refuses to send Lou Holtz his brand new MasterCard.

Fear not, I believe I’ve gotten the problems straightened out. I just wanted to let everyone know I’m still out here in cyberspace and I will be posting again soon. Hopefully later today, our evil computer overlords willing.

Thanks for your patience and sorry for the delay.  Hey, at least it happened during the Steelers bye week. What would all you out-of-staters do without my breathtaking blow-by-blow recaps? Why, you’d be forced to venture over to the Four Letter or some other “real” news site. The horrors!

1 thought on “No, I Didn’t Get Fired (Again)”

  1. I was lost without your insight! Great idea for that movie. You should pitch it to Hollywood, it’s such a good concept I’ll bet they would make the same movie twice!


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