Antonio Brown Gets His Dance On Tonight

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Mar 212016

Antonio Brown begins his quest for the Mirror Ball Trophy tonight on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars. He’s hoping to foxtrot in the footsteps of another great Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver, Hines Ward, who won the show back in 2011. AB will face a little tougher competition as this year will also feature former QB Doug Flutie and this year’s Super Bowl MVP linebacker Von Miller of the Broncos. Although, truthfully, I’m more interested in seeing Stephanie Tanner from Full House who, um, really grew up.

Anyway, each “celebrity” is partnered with a professional dancer. The winner is determined half by judges’ scores and half by viewer voting which means it’s up to Steeler Nation to represent. When Hines was on, I’d dvr it and just fast forward to his parts. It’s pretty cheesy but the lady dancers wear skimpy outfits and have amazing bodies so there’s that. Plus the Black and Gold could always use a second Mirror Ball to go along with the six Lombardi’s.

It’s a long way from training camp.

Le’Veon Bell Drinks The Haterade

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Oct 242013


Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin‘s weekly press conference became testy this week. The source of Coach T’s ire was some negativity in the media directed at running back Le’Veon Bell. I thought Tomlin’s protective instincts kicked in because his precious rookie was a highly sensitive young man. Turns out, I was only half-right.

Yesterday, ESPN published a profile of Bell which basically portrays him as the second coming of Black and Gold legend Hines Ward. Like Hines before him, rather than react angrily to perceived slights, Bell actually uses them as motivation. And, if the article is to be believed, poor Le’Veon has been kicked around throughout his life. Continue reading »

Steelers Vets Tell Youngsters: No Ping Pong For You!

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Sep 252013


To paraphrase Niemöller’s famous quote:

First the Steelers came for the pool table,
and I didn’t speak out because I didn’t play pool.

Then the Steelers came for the shuffleboard,
and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t seventy years old.

Then the Steelers came for the ping-pong paddles,
and I didn’t speak out because I didn’t play ping-pong.

Then the Steelers came for me,
and there were no games left to play. Continue reading »

Hines & AB Agree Steelers Hate Each Other

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Feb 252013

Last week, I wrote about growing discontent amongst the Pittsburgh Steelers. Naturally, I’ll begin this week writing about growing discontent amongst the Pittsburgh Steelers. What? You thought I’d do five hundred words on some college kid’s 40 time at the Combine?

When last we left this ridiculous controversy, an unnamed player called linebacker LaMarr Woodley a fatass. Regardless of his off-season workout regiment, there’s absolutely no denying Woodley has been an injury prone disappointment since signing his big money contract extension a couple seasons back. These unattributed comments riled up team leader/annoying loudmouth Ryan Clark, who was offended someone would break the code of locker room omerta. Shockingly, Clark did make one valid observation; that the team had a clear leadership vacuum in the wake of last season’s purge of veterans.

Since no controversy is complete until we hear from the wide receivers, not one but two Steelers wide outs chimed in on this issue. First there was Antonio Brown, wearing the swankiest pimp hat this side of the Godfather. He appeared on ESPN’s First Take but since I try to avoid ESPN and I especially try to avoid First Take, I only caught his comments when they were uploaded to their website. In between his various assaults on the English language, AB managed to reveal the Steelers had a “fractured” locker room with guys more worried about their stats and impending free agency than winning football games.

In other words, Mike Wallace and Rashard Mendenhall were the bad guys. Shocking, I know. And convenient. Since both of those goofs are long gone, it very nicely puts all questions about a divided locker room to rest. At least until the team loses two in a row to bottom feeders they should’ve crushed.

Hines Ward, who is no longer a Steeler although for some reason the media runs to get his opinion on every move they make, went on the NFL Network to weigh in on this controversy. Hines reiterated Clark’s point about losing veteran leaders and talked about the team losing track of the Steeler Way. He also provided every headline writer their money quote by saying the backbiting was a sign the team was in “total disarray.” Impressive insight for a man who spent most of last season in Los Angeles preparing sweet and sour spare ribs for Guy Fieri and Rachel Ray.

Look, the Steelers definitely have a problem. When they cut Hines and James Farrior, yinzers called local sports talk shows worried about leadership and were dismissed by hosts who (rightfully) pointed out teams don’t have to like each other or be compromised of good guys to win. Now that the players themselves are pointing out the problems in the locker room, those same hosts are all over this topic. This is why I started this blog, the reporters and sports personalities in this town suck.

You don’t need a team full of choir boys or a team wide lovefest to win. However, the good guys need to outnumber the bad guys. The Steelers have had idiots on the team before but with Hines or the Bus leading the locker room and a hard-ass head coach in Bill Cowher, the Steeler Way prevailed. In recent years, the guys who were all about winning have faded away and a bunch of chest-thumping me-firsters have taken their place. And instead of the head coach reining them in, we have hear-no-evil see-no-evil Mike Tomlin. There is a systematic flaw within this team. Unfortunately, a flaw I don’t see being corrected any time soon.

NFL Continues To Fear The Steelers

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Nov 092012

Yesterday, the Sporting News released their annual poll naming the NFL’s Dirtiest Player. For the second year in a row, Detroit Lions thug Ndamukong Suh took the title as voted on by a sampling of his peers. Somewhat surprisingly, an offensive lineman took the second spot. The ironically named Richie Incognito was recognized by enough of his fellow players to earn that dubious honor.

As usual, the Pittsburgh Steelers were well represented.

The Steelers had a lock on top spot for quite a few years. First, there was Hines Ward, who had a nice run of three of four years in a row. For the record, Hines was not a dirty player. Guys just resented the fact he played every snap and he played them hard. If you ever watch NFL wide receivers on iso-cam, 90% of them jog leisurely down the field on running plays. Hines looked to block or hit somebody, which made a lot of defensive players mad. As a result, he was frequently called dirty when all he did was play every snap.

When Hines started slowing down, and the NFL started getting worried about vicious hits because a lawsuit was coming, James Harrison became the new whipping boy. I’m not going to lie, Harrison definitely deserved his rep as a head-hunter. At the same time, the vast majority of his “illegal” hits came between the whistles in the context of a football play. Guys like Suh, who stomp downed opponents or hit them late are a different case entirely.

With Hines retired and James sidelined most of the year, I thought perhaps the Steelers would finally disappear from the list. Or, if they did show up, they would be represented by one of two prime candidates. Ryan Clark is every bit the vicious hitter that Deebo is. For whatever reason, he doesn’t receive the fines (or media scrutiny) but he definitely aims to annihilate rather than tackle. Then there’s Willie Colon, who’s an absolute maniac. When Giants DE Justin Tuck whined about the Steelers offensive line playing dirty a couple weeks back, I’m sure Colon was one of the guys he had in mind.

In the end, the Steelers were once again represented by two players. The Ginger Dictator‘s smear campaign has evidently been effective enough that Harrison came in 4th place despite only playing a handful of games. The other Steeler who was among those who garnered more than one vote was safety Ryan Mundy. Yes, Ryan Mundy. In a way, it’s not that surprising because he also looks to spear guys instead of tackling them. And he was recently fined a cool $21,000 for knocking Oakland’s Darrius Heyward-Bey out of the game.

I wonder if those two players came from Oakland?

Steeler Nation Gears Up For Regular Season

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Aug 312012

The NFL already has so many different revenue streams team owners are swimming in pools of money, Scrooge McDuck-style. Not content to stop while they’re ahead, the NFL is constantly trying to branch out into new areas. Having already cornered the market on selling XXXL size t-shirts to every adult male in Cleveland and obscenely priced Bumblebee throwbacks to the colorblind, the NFL is now trying to peddle more merchandise to women. To that end they’ve brought in a bunch of celebrities to be featured in ads aimed at chicks.

Guess who they have modelling Pittsburgh Steelers gear?

Why it’s Hines Ward‘s old partner and Big Ben’s biggest fan, Dancing With The Stars Kym Johnson! Looks like Hines made a pretty big impression on her. Considering she’s Australian, I guess she was free to adopt whatever team she wanted. Between Kym and Russell Crowe, who  appeared on the Steelers’ sideline a couple years back, the Black and Gold seems to be the official team of the Land Down Under.

Speaking of the Steelers, last night was the team’s final preseason game. I only watched about twenty minutes of it which was just enough time to watch Chris Rainey have two punt return TDs called back by penalty. Maybe they should re-hire Al Everest. It was also enough time to see third round pick LB Sean Spence go down with what appeared to be a season-ending injury. People are making a big deal about this but Spence probably wouldn’t have played much this year anyway. The far more important development was Casey Hampton being back in the starting line-up when many thought he wouldn’t be ready for the first month of the season.

The Steelers will have to cut down to their final 53 man roster by tonight. I’m heading out for a short Labor Day vacation so I’ll be back on Tuesday with an analysis of who they cut vs who they kept. In the meantime, enjoy this gallery of the newest (and hottest) member of Steeler Nation. And remember, if you’re a woman and these ads have convinced you to buy a jersey, for the love of Cope don’t buy one of those abominable pink things.

They’re worse than the Bumblebees.

Jul 312012

By Hennessy

Welcome back Yinzers! I hope everyone had a better-than-depressing off season, and made good use of the heat by frying up a few Cap N’ Eggs on the sidewalk. I’m glad to say there was nothing too controversial happening with the Pittsburgh Steelers to write about this off season so I hope you were not dismayed by the lack of my musings. Hennessy has been a busy guy, but I’m eager to kick off another year of cheering, bitching and offering up my biased and often unwarranted opinions for you all to enjoy.

I wanted to start off on a positive note, since this time of year often revolves around maybe, would if and drunk bachelors laying down C-Notes on Super Bowl long-shots in Vegas. Ever-optimistic as I am, I want to skip past all the potential furniture mover’s turned Sunday Superstars, and get right down to two powerful assets Pittsburgh is not looking for in training camp.


It’s a Pittsburgh attribute that has been beaten like a dead Bungal, but once again we walk into another season with one of the best head coaches in the NFL. Mike Tomlin recently locked up a 3-Year extension to his contract, securing his office at Heinz Field through the 2016 season.

Since being handed the keys to the Jaw’s shiny race car, Tomlin has been one of the winningest coaches in the NFL. 2012 offers him a chance to finally forge his own identity. Tomlin gave the team a personality of its own, won over the respect and admiration of long-time veterans, and now has a chance to build his own legacy with the departure of several key players from the Cowher Era.

Dick LeBeau stayed away from the retirement home for yet another season, and is unlikely to miss a step in fooling offenses and quarterbacks all season long. Paired with newly-hired counterpart and OC Todd Haley, Tomlin has the resources he needs to truly craft this team into one of his own.

Thursday’s camp also welcomed home Running Backs coach Kirby Wilson. After a long recovery from the January 6th grease-fire that claimed his Cranberry, PA home and over 45% of his body, Wilson was grateful to be back on the field, under his own power. He was able to coach at the OTAs via use of a golf cart, but with the help of extra sunscreen to ward off the sun he was back in normal fashion Thursday. A big congrats to him and his recovery from a long stretch, and best wishes to his efforts with sculpting a young running game into “Stillers football”. Speaking of the running game…

The Passing Game

Pittsburgh’s passing game has become the Flying Circus and carried the offensive efforts for several years now. Shuffling through the likes of Plaxico Burress, Antwaan Randle El, and the great Hines Ward, Ben and Bruce have been able to craft an effective passing threat year-after-year.

Just as Mike Tomlin refuses to acknowledge a player he can’t coach, I refuse to blog a player that is sitting on his couch acting like the golden goose girl from Willy Wonka. The player that shalt not be named deserves a big-time contract for his play on the field, and a permanent position in the CFL for his attitude. On a brighter note, I’m looking forward to the #17 jersey clearance at Hometowne sports. So let’s talk about the Steelers shall we?

This year will be the first without smiling #86, at least on the playing field, but it is not without its share of talent, playmakers and optimism. Big Ben will try to get in the end zone utilizing Manny Sanders and Antonio Brown, but will also have a great supporting cast with the return of veteran Jerricho “Cotchrocket” Cotchery, and a number of young prospects provided they make it out of the St. Vincent showdown. Alabama’s furious ball-catcher Marquis Maze, 6’-2” Toney Clemons out of Colorado and previous St. Vincent college opponent Tyler Beiler out of Bridgewater are all legitimate contenders for a helmet come September. If I get to hear Cris Collinsworth say “Tyler Beiler” I will be a happy man, so best of luck to him on his tryout.

Despite a presumed change of course under Tee Haley’s direction, Steeler fans can rest comfortably knowing there’s a good chance Pittsburgh will put together another solid pass and catch performance this season.If Haley and Wilson are able to mold the running game into a more dominant presence, we can only expect Ben and his shiny new O-line to build on an already impressive passing effort.

Steeler Madness: Final Four (Part 1)

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Mar 292012

With March Madness in full swing, our pal Hennessy came up with a great idea for our very own Final Four. However, coming up with 64 individual participants and 32 separate brackets proved way too unwieldy. So we narrowed the list to 16 names who we both agreed would prominently figure into how the 2012 season played out for the Pittsburgh Steelers. To give it more of a competitive flavor, I agreed to take half the brackets with Hennessy taking the other half. I’ll be leading off today with an analysis of my eight brackets, picking a winner as to who I think will play a more significant role to the Steelers going forward. Tomorrow it’s Hennessy’s turn. With our Final Fours set, he and I will have a final face off on Monday just in time for the actual NCAA Championship game.



Hines Ward vs James Farrior – Two distinguished veterans, both cut by the Steelers early in the off-season. Hines has been the face of the franchise for many years but his actual on-field importance had diminished in recent seasons. Farrior, meanwhile, was the defensive captain and Dick LeBeau’s eyes and ears on the field right up until the day he was released. And while Hines’ leadership was invaluable, Potsie’s leadership was every bit as important to the D. I’ll miss Hines but the bottom line was he was a 4th string receiver last season while Farrior was not only starting but calling the signals.

WINNER: Farrior

Willie Colon vs Willie Gay – You say good-bye, I say hello. Gay, of course, recently departed for Arizona Pittsburgh West, where ex-Steelers go to never be heard from again. Colon was allegedly on the team the past couple seasons but you’d never know it because he kept being lost to season-ending injuries. With Max Starks coming off an ACL injury, the Steelers entire O-Line plan depends on a healthy Colon returning to man the RT spot, allowing Marcus Gilbert to slide over to LT and Jonathan Scott to mercifully remain on the bench. I thought Colon was overrated when he was completely healthy so coming off two serious injuries, I’m skeptical of this plan. However, you can’t deny his level of play will be a crucial factor to this upcoming season. I liked Gay, I thought he did a good job as a starter this past season but I don’t think he showed anything youngsters Cortez Allen and Curtis Brown couldn’t potentially replicate. If Colon falls apart, well, Ben is a dead man.

 WINNER: Colon


Dick LeBeau vs Todd Haley – LeBeau is a genius. I’m not disputing that. But he coached one of the worst games of his life against Denver. Dick is usually a master of adjustments but his refusal to acknowledge Tim Tebow’s success throwing the ball ultimately doomed the team to an ignominious playoff exit. Still, the Steelers ended the season with the league’s number one overall defense, continuing LeBeau’s streak of top ranked units. He’ll have work to do this year, finding a new starting cornerback and replacing his team captain at inside linebacker. However, roster change-over is nothing new to the Steelers and I’m sure the old master will be up to the challenge. The real question is whether Haley will rise to his challenge like he did at prior stops in Dallas and Arizona or flame out miserably like he did in KC. He already got off to a somewhat rocky start with Ben Roethlisberger and despite Mike Tomlin’s outright lie that he made the call to hire Haley, the decision to fire Bruce Arians was far from unanimous. Arians had his faults, no doubt, but he also coached the Steelers to a 21st century high flying high octane offense. Will Haley take them to the next level? Or will he follow a mandate from above and return us to the grandaddy’s five yards and a cloud of dust? And how will Ben or Mike Wallace react the first time they walk to the sideline only to be greeted by a crazed Haley’s hostile word vomit?


Art Rooney II vs. Omar Khan – And here’s our 15-3 upset of the tournament. Most people would think, “Nobody is more important than the owner. He’s the owner!” While Deuce has certainly injected himself into the day-to-day activities more than his father ever did, I still think he limits himself to a large extent. Sure he fired Arians and maybe his mandate to run the ball more will influence Haley’s playcalling but at the end of the day I don’t think he’ll be calling down to the sidelines at halftime. Omar Khan is the Steelers’ cap specialist and I think the work he does will figure much bigger into the team’s future. Mike Wallace becomes an unrestricted free agent next season while both Antonio Brown and Manny Sanders become restricted free agents. Omar will be the man charged with figuring out some way to finagle the cap so we can keep our young receivers while also addressing potential holes at RB and CB.

WINNER: Khaaaaaannnnn!


Mar 212012

Our national nightmare has ended. For card carrying citizens of Steeler Nation that is. Yesterday afternoon, Hines Ward officially announced his retirement in an emotion-filled press conference you can watch by clicking here. A few hours later, Peyton Manning held his own press conference where he was introduced as the new quarterback of the Denver Broncos. I point this out because as sad as it is for Hines to hang up the cleats after fourteen glorious seasons, think about what it would’ve been like to see a beloved player who led our team to some of the greatest victories in franchise history wearing the jersey of another team.

Of course, in Hines’ case that was never going to happen. Anybody who watched him closely the past two seasons could plainly see he was old, slow, and couldn’t get open. The only people who thought he could still play were a small cadre of his hardcore fans and Hines himself. The stuff in his press conference about wanting to “retire a Steeler” was, frankly, total bullshit because if he wanted to retire a Steeler he would’ve called it quits when they cut him two weeks ago. When he was released, he clearly stated he intended to continue his career elsewhere next season and he even reiterated yesterday that he thought he had “one or two”(?!?!) more years left in him.

I understand that walking away is hard for athletes to do. Aaron Smith, despite his injury history, had to practically be forced into retirement. At the same time, Smith didn’t carry on some charade that he’d continue his career elsewhere when it was obvious to everybody that he was washed up. I don’t begrudge Hines still wanting to play but spare me this talk of wanting “to retire a Steeler” when the truth is he’s retiring because nobody else wants him.

Just because we love ya, Hines, doesn’t mean you can piss on our leg and tell us it’s raining.

I don’t want to be too hard on Ward because I’ll be the first to admit to getting a little misty-eyed watching him speak. Despite what some of you may think, I always have been and always will be a big fan of #86. I meant everything I said in the tribute I wrote about him when he was released a couple weeks back. I only wish he would’ve had the grace and tact to call it quits back then although, as I’ve said, at least it’s better than watching him muddle through a totally unproductive season as a fourth receiver for the Arizona Cardinals.

The picture above was taken after Hines’ press conference. Jerome Bettis flew up from his home in Atlanta to be here for the announcement. The only other Steelers to attend were defensive players James Harrison, Brett Keisel and the aforementioned Aaron Smith. No current member of the Steelers offense was in attendance nor was head coach Mike Tomlin. I’m not sure what to make of that since by all accounts Ward was well-liked by most of his teammates. There have been whispers that Tomlin and Ward didn’t have the best relationship, no doubt exacerbated by Tomlin’s decision to demote him to fourth string this past season. Insiders have said it was ultimately Tomlin who did not want Ward back, not for veteran’s minimum, not if he offered to play for a dollar.

Diehard Steeler fans are also well aware of the frosty relationship that has always existed between Hines and Ben Roethlisberger so it’s no surprise he wasn’t on hand yesterday. Yet in an ironic way, things have come full circle. When Ben took his first snap as a rookie, the Bus was the team’s undisputed leader. When he retired, Bettis passed that mantle over to Hines. With Hines gone, this is undoubtedly Big Ben’s team now. He definitely has some big shoes to fill.

Mar 122012

For those members of Steeler Nation who live outside Pittsburgh and therefore don’t have access to the Post-Gazette, well, consider yourselves lucky. That rag hasn’t been worth reading since John Clayton left to become ESPN’s Senior NFL Insider (as opposed to Junior NFL Liaison, I suppose) and they got rid of Mark Madden. Seriously, I’m beggin’ somebody over at the P-G to pull the plug on Bozo the Columnist’s inane “blog” and bring in somebody who doesn’t think youtube is that portable cushion you sit on to relieve hemorrhoids. I mean, would it kill them to bring in a couple columnists under the age of 60?

Anyway, I do receive the Sunday edition, primarily because I’m an Extreme Couponer. While perusing yesterday’s paper, I immediately noticed the ginormous full page ad taken out by former Pittsburgh Steelers defensive end Aaron Smith. Smith was among the long-time Steelers released in the Purge a week and a half back. During his career in the Black and Gold, Smith was known primarily for two things: being one of the most underrated players in the league and also for being one of the most classy.

Taking out a full page ad to thank Steeler fans pretty vividly exemplifies the latter. Smith’s message was as follows: Continue reading »