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  1. Hennessy
    March 21, 2012

    What a weight off of the Hines Fan’s shoulders. Thankfully we don’t have to hear the news of him buffing the edge off an otherwise amazing Steelers career. But, I don’t think he would have turned down a cool couple $Million just to “Thank His Fans”. It so appears he never got that offer and defaulted into retirement.

    I know I sure as hell wouldn’t turn down the cash if I still wanted and was able to play the game… but then again I don’t have his bank account. I’m not sure how much you would pay for the continued support of a Fanbase at that point… but luckily it doesn’t seem he ever had to consider the price. Go Hines – however it happened I’m happy with your decision (or lack thereof).

    • Chris
      March 21, 2012

      Yeah, that’s exactly my point. If Denver had said, “We’ll give you $2 million to be Pey-Pey’s slot receiver,” Hines would’ve been wearing neon orange before the ink could dry. So gimme a break on the “I’m not signing elsewhere because of the fans” nonsense.

      So, yeah, maybe he was forced into doing the right thing. But at least in the end the right thing was done. All’s well that ends well to quote a cliche.

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